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A gentle touch of fragrance can instantly uplift your mood. As we spend most of our time in our living room munching our snacks or watching a movie, surrounding ourselves with a nice aura is very important. Therefore, I always make sure that my living room smells nice. Scented Candles and air fresheners are extremely useful for this task. Today, I will unveil the 5 best-scented candles for the living room that will change your favorite spot of the house forever.

Why you need these best scented candles for living room?

Would you ever want your living room to greet you with comforting and sweet scents after a hectic day at work?

Your answer can never be no. This is one of the obvious reasons why you should bring best scented candles for your living room the next time you go for shopping.

Moreover, scents induce happy hormones (Endorphins, Dopamine, and Adrenaline) that release stress and uplift the mood. In addition, your brain functioning increases when you’re in a good mood. Consequently, a healthy mental state makes you more productive throughout the day.

Candles are a go-to, especially for special events such as candlelight dinners and romantic atmospheres. When surroundings are comforting, scents play a vital role in manipulating our emotions. Not only the subtle glow of the candle, but its alluring smell is just enough to make your living room a heavenly place.

What i look for – Best Scented candles for Living Room

Before, what I look for, and how I have sorted the best-scented candles for the living room. The question is as to why I am obsessed with them. Lately, I have started working from home and my routine is a little, upside down. Also, I burn candles like it is nobody’s business. I call myself a perfume girl since I am obsessed with them, but lately, my love for candles has grown more. Alternately if you are into perfumes and don’t want to spend a fortune then read the best perfumes for women under $25.

The profound scent that fills the room with a burning candle is divine and majestic. Every time I burn a scented candle in the living room, some nostalgic memories creep in. A few days back, someone gifted me an oceanic sea salt scented candle. I burned it late at night and closed my eyes. I was tired from all the screen time that I had earlier. And I don’t know why I started thinking of the time, I had on the beach with my family. I could feel the aroma of wet sea sand, gushing waves, and sea breeze. And that is the effect that candles have on me.

Notes of a Candle

A Scent has three layers of notes. Initial notes that you smell immediately are top notes. They are harsh, into-your-nose type, and very loud. But as the candle sets in, they are blended evenly with the heart notes. And then comes the base notes. A candle scent is a mixture of different families of scents. The blending is important and hence I am very particular when it comes to candle scent notes tampering, the blending, and the way an overall aroma fills the room.

The Scent Family

Not every scent can be used in the living room. Some are for your bathrooms. So I am very choosy once buying or recommending a scented candle. I like florals and fresh perfumes for the living room. Also, the time of year and season is important. In winter I can experiment with more deep and developed notes. In making the list of best-scented candles for the living room I chose all year-round candles.

The scent is a subjective thing. Everyone has different tastes. Aromas, that work for me, might not have the same effect on you. But there are some commonalities. And the living room is just not your own space. Everyone in the house uses it and sometimes our friends come over. So I have chosen the scents, that will be liked by your family and visitors alike.

The type of Wax

There are mainly four types of wax used in the candles. All have their own positives and drawbacks.

The most used is Paraffin. It is a by-product of petroleum. But the upside is that it can hold more fragrance and fills the room better with its performance

Soy wax is more eco friendly and has a good burn time but holding of scent is lesser then paraffin wax.

Beeswax is also getting popular. But it has its own sweetness into it. For some, the scent is too sweet and also it is difficult to blend it with citrusy and spicy scented candles.

Coconut wax is relatively newer in scented candles but it is expensive and costly as compared to above mentioned waxes.

So companies have started blending all types of waxes to come up with wax that is eco-friendly, holds more scent and has a good burning time.

Burn Time of a candle

Yeah, as simple as it can be. I want a candle to last for eternity. Especially if it is my favorite. But nothing lasts forever, so I always prefer candles that have more burn time.

Let’s dive into the best-scented candles for your living room that are available on Amazon!

Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon Scented-Best Scented Candle for Your Living Room

Yankee SICILIAN candle: best scented candles for your living room
Yankee Sicilian candle

This scented candle with a hint of lemon has over 110 hours of burn time providing a long-term delight. Its delicate yellow color complements the hue of its flame. Quality paraffin-grade candle wax delivers a consistent burn. Furthermore, it proves to be 100% recyclable. In terms of both scent and sight, this indoor candle is a must to have in your living rooms. Especially in the summer season!

  • Scent: Sicilian Lemon
  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • burn time: 110 hours
  • size: Classic large Jar
  • price: $16.88

Chesapeake Bay candle

A mesmerizing amalgamation starts when Apple, Peach, and Orange blend together in candle wax. Moreover, the middle notes of Jasmine and Violet play an equally important role. This candle contains some of the most savoring scents. In addition, it has a continuous burning time of 50 hours. On top of all, the soy wax blend delivers a clean burn. Moreover, it has a wooden lid, giving an aesthetic finish. What’s best is that this product is available in various shapes and sizes.

  • scent: Balance + Harmony
  • Brand: Chesapeake Bay
  • burn time: 50 hours
  • price: $12.99

Strawberry Pound Cake, Village Candle

The sweetest edible scents of strawberry, vanilla, and sugar are the most prized characteristics of this candle. This candle is your dream come true if you are a lover of fruity smells. This tale begins when some dark red candle wax pours into a large glass. The object will be a stunning addition to your living room, therefore, bringing life to it. In addition, the candle has an impressive burning time of 170hours. You are missing out if you don’t get your hands on this high-quality candle.

  • scent: Strawberry pound cake
  • burn time: 170 hours
  • brand: Village Candle
  • price: $17.49

Yankee Candle Lilac Blossom Scented

Yankees candles have been winning a lot of hearts as it produces top-rated scented candles with various variety of fragrances. This blossom candle has a soft lilac wax emitting a flowery smell. The burn time includes a good amount of 75 hours. In the making of this premium candle. High-quality wax and curated ingredients are used. Made with pure, natural extracts from the finest ingredients around the world, your living room is incomplete without it.

  • scent: Lilac Blossoms
  • burn time: 75 hours
  • brand: Yankee Candle
  • price: $15.29

NEST Fragrances Ocean Mist

Sea Salt scented classic candle gives you the perfect brush of cool breezes. Furthermore, it opens up gates of imagination as the gentle fumes diffuse into your nostrils. For summers, having this slight vibe, your living room will be relaxing. Also, the luxury glass candle comes in a stunning holder serving as a unique décor. 50-60 hours of burning time proves its long-lasting elegance. This scented candle rhymes with every mood and is a great thing to have on your bucket list.

scent: Ocean Mist and Sea Salt

burn time: 50-60 hours

brand: NEST fragrances

Price: $46

Is there any harm of using scented candles?

Though scented candles are the best décor to your living room, providing it all sorts of fragrances but you must be cautious of any allergies in regard to these candles. sensitive noses can be allergic to different scents hence it is vital to give the ingredients of the candle a good read. Hope that you’re ready to improvise your living room by adding these stunning manifestations to your cart!

If you intend to kill harmful odor-releasing bacteria then consider using Lampe Berger in your homes.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best-scented candles for summer, then this article might help you in zeroing on the best.

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