Top 13 tips to make your perfume last longer

Last year, I bought a fragrance from my own pocket money only to find out that it just lasted for 30 minutes. This made me insane with rage. The perfume seller had guaranteed that the perfume would last for at least 6 hours. All this experience was a huge deal breaker for me. However, I decided not to mourn for long and come up with some solution. This is when I uncovered all the ways of making perfume last longer on you.

Here are some of my tried and tested hacks worth sharing with you all.

Make your Perfume Last Longer
Make your Perfume Last Longer

1. Choose the Concentration Wisely

To know what perfume concentrations are in great detail, read my article on EDP, EDT, and EDC- A Game of Concentrations. However, I will still provide a quick summary of what they are. There are mainly 3 perfume concentrations. EDP has the strongest concentration of perfume essential oil within it. This is followed by EDT and then EDC. A perfume with a greater concentration is more long-lasting.

Therefore, in other words, EDP lasts the longest, followed by EDT and EDC. EDP lasts about five to seven hours, making it perfect for evenings. EDT last from 3 to 5 hours while EDC last for around an hour or two.

So, to make a perfume last longer on you, choose an EDP concentration.

2. Apply a Little Perfume on your Hair

Hair tend to hold the perfume longer than your skin. Therefore, spraying a few spritzes on your hair would help make the fragrance last longer.

But, make sure to use perfume on your hair the ‘right way’. As perfume contains alcohol, it should not be sprayed directly onto your lovely locks. Instead, check out how to perfume your hair correctly from my article below:

Can you use perfume on your hair? The Odds, Methods, and Alternatives

This blog post will not only share the ways to perfume your hair but also, suggest better alternatives.

3. Apply Perfume after a Shower

A proper application will significantly optimize your perfuming experience. Almost everyone on Google will give you this tip.

Here’s why this trick is so popular.

The steam during the shower helps open up the scent. When you get out of the shower, your body temperature is higher. Higher temperature diffuses the fragrance. Secondly, as your skin is free from oil and dust, the fragrance is buffered. Moreover, as your pores are open and your skin is hydrated, the skin holds the scent better and longer.

But this doesn’t mean you have to spray while your skin is completely wet. Gently pat your skin dry while still leaving some moisture behind. Then, apply the perfume.

4. Apply Moisturizer Before Spraying

Although this hack works independently too, I love to pair it with Hack Number 3: Applying after Shower. After tapping your skin dry, apply some moisturizer and you will become a crazy FAN of the results. This trick is also backed up by experts like Chen and Johnston.

But, no worries if you are not in the mood to shower or bathe before the perfume application. Simply use a moisturizer on target areas and this will alone yield you great results as well.

5. Apply Perfume on Pulse Points

This is one of the best tips I can give you. Apply the fragrance on your pulse points because scent reacts to heat. Spraying on pulse points will make your perfume last much longer. The science dudes must have understood the logic behind this.

Following are your target pulse points.

  • Behind your ears
  • On your wrist
  • In collarbone dips
  • Behind your head

Applying these points will surely be an excellent step.

6. Don’t Rub the Fragrance between your Palms

While dabbing and spraying the scent is cool, rubbing it between your palms is a big perfuming mistake. Know how to apply perfume the right way. It’s more important than you think.

When you rub the fragrance between your hands, it destroys the fragrance particles. This means that the fragrance can not open up properly. Ideally, spray the fragrance at around 6 inches from your skin so that it opens up properly.

7. Correct Storage of the Perfume Bottle

Correct storage is also very important. This practice has helped my perfumes last longer and project a finer scent. After researching online, I found out that light, humidity, and heat degrade the color, composition, and scent of a fragrance.

Therefore, you should ideally store it in a cool and dark place. Make sure that you are not placing it on a bathroom shelf or counter.

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8. Apply Perfume on your Clothes

You might have instantly thought about the merciless perfume stains on clothes the moment I made this suggestion,

Well, here’s the deal.

The fabric holds perfume for longer than you can imagine. However, there is always a risk of perfume stains. Therefore, you have to smartly make a choice here.

I normally only perfume my clothes from a safe distance. Secondly, I prefer perfuming black or plain white fabrics and avoid the right colors.

9. Try Layering the Fragrances

Personally, this is one of my favorite hacks to make my perfume last on me all day long. This hack is very trendy and works on creating a new exciting scent by combining different perfumes.

However, before finding out your new and unique fragrance, test it on a few testing sheets. If you don’t have perfume testing sheets at home, tear a small piece of paper from a sketchbook. This pretesting is crucial to avoid spraying an untested awkward scent mix on yourself just before a party.

Overall, layering is a great technique for making fragrances last long.

10. Don’t go too low on budget

Normally, the lower we go on our budget, the lower gets the product quality. Therefore, if you demand a perfume to be long lasting, don’t go way too low on budget.

However, I don’t suggest you go too high either if you can’t afford it. There are pretty good long-lasting fragrances you can buy for under $25. However, if you can manage to go a little higher, check out my article on Most Popular Creed Fragrances for Women. Will write one for Men shortly so stay hooked.

11. Try Attars (Perfume Oils)

Wondering what an Attar is? Well, I will give you the answer.

Normal perfumes are made of fragrance oils and alcohol. Attars, on the other hand, are pure fragrance oils-no additives or alcohol. Attars are particularly popular in middle- Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and Oman. People love them because they can last as long as 24 hours.

The reason behind this is very simple. Attars are more concentrated.

We will soon share a list of the best attars you can get for yourself. Click here to check some on Amazon right away.

12. Apply some Vaseline on Pulse Points

Before perfuming, take a thin layer of Vaseline and smear it on your pulse points. Allow the vaseline to settle but don’t absorb it completely into the skin. Follow, this with a few spritzes of perfume.

The Vaseline will hold onto the perfume droplets making them last longer on the skin.

13. Don’t Shake your Perfume Bottle

I have seen many people vigorously shaking their perfume bottles while applying their scents. Most would say that they do it so that the contents of the fragrances are evenly mixed.

There is no need for that. Both, the alcohol and perfume oils are miscible liquids and are already in solution.

Rigorously shaking the bottle will cause air to infuse into the bottle, disturbing the scent inside and affecting its longevity.

14. Do not buy fake Perfumes

Yeah, you heard that right. Be aware of the scams of this industry where cheap perfume is poured into originally used bottles. Also, clones are being sold. They won’t last longer, won’t smell the same, and would be cheaper in price. We have written ample content on this aspect to educate the readers. Here are a few of the articles that you can go through.

Parting Thoughts

These were all the tried and tested tips to make scents last longer on your body. Do try them out and let me know which one worked for you the best.

Personally, I am really inclined towards attars in terms of longevity. However, if I am using perfume I always make sure that I don’t rub the perfume between my wrists. Moisturizing my pulse points is a MUST, no matter if I am using perfume or attar.

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