Nishane Hacivat Review – Does It Beat Aventus?

If you came here to read the review of Nishane Hacivat. Then, welcome to the big boys club. I salute your decision. You are about to buy one of the beasts of perfumes. There are very few perfumes that are good and fall in the Unisex category. And Nishane Hacivat is one of them.

I was searching for some perfume that was beast, clean, projecting, loud, and yet has that rich, and up-class feeling. There are days and occasions when you want a little extra.

You could wear a very nice dress and yet not announce your presence. That is where Nishane Hacivat came in. My go-to perfume store owner recommended me Hacivat.

And oh boy, I loved it. Its opening might not be unique but the best in fresh perfume categories. And dry down is just magical and has the cleanest feeling.

To be clear upfront, there is no comparison of similarities of Nishane Hacivat with Aventus, rather we will talk about dissimilarities. Both start the same but take different routes altogether. Moreover, people do tend to compare Hacivat with Mancera Cedrat Boise which is not fair. We will discuss this aspect in detail during the review of Nishane Hacivat.

Yes, it does have a Pineapple and citrusy opening but from there onwards, the concept and artistry take a wild turn. The theme and concept of this wonderful perfume need much attention and deliberation. And once you have it, there are very few chances that you won’t be complimented.

Hacivat by Nishane has enormous longevity and sillage. A unisex Niche perfume that falls in the Shadowplay category of Nishane.

Nishane hacivat Perfume bottle is shown in the picture

Review Summary of Nishane Hacivat

There can be a hundred reasons to buy this wonderful niche perfume. But here are my top 7.

  1. Nishane Hacivat’s longevity is 12 – 14 hours
  2. The sillage remains for a good 2-3 hours
  3. Price is good with respect to artistry and blending
  4. A wonderfully fresh fragrance that is best suited for Summer and Spring season
  5. The heart notes of woody tones alongside jasmine and patchouli do the magic
  6. Compliment getter
  7. 2-3 sprays are enough for a day

History Of Nishane-Welcome to Constantinople

Nishane is a niche Perfume house based in Istanbul, Turkey, and was founded in 2012. In the Turkish language, Nishane means “mark“, “sign” or “symbol“. As per Nishane, their perfumes are symbols or impacts that you create on your loved ones or the people around you.

This is the main theme around which the sub-themes of their perfumery revolve around.

Istanbul is at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. And Nishane is aimed at presenting both cultures in a masterful way where they intend to leave their signature to both ends. Upon its inception, Nishane very soon developed its name in niche perfumery and is regarded as one of the unique perfume houses. It is much loved and appreciated by the perfumer fraternity.

Nishane Perfumers-The Master Blenders

So far Nishane has created 39 perfumes and their master perfumers are:-

  • Cécile Zarokian
  • Jorge Lee,
  • Miguel Matos
  • Julia Rodriguez
  • Chris Maurice
  • Sylvain Cara
  • Ilias Ermenidis
  • Christian Provenzano
  • Lucas Sieuzac
  • Jean-Louis Sieuzac
  • Dominique Ropion
  • Anne Flipo
  • Carlos Benaim

Nishane Perfumes Collection

NIshane Perfume COllection is shown in the picture during review of Nishane Hacivat perfume

The Nishane Perfumes fall under the following collections or line-ups.

  • Time Capsule
  • Prestige
  • No Boundaries
  • Abundance
  • Imaginative
  • Shadow Play
  • Rumi
  • Signature
  • Blossom
  • Miniature Art
  • Extrait de Cologne
  • Experimental

The Hacivat falls under the Shadow Play line-up of Nishane. Shadowplay is an ancient form of entertainment through puppets. The puppets are placed between a light source and a translucent screen and are controlled by a puppeteer.

An ancient way of storytelling by the characters that came to turkey in the Ottoman Era and was very famous. Nishane made a Shadowplay line-up based on famous, ancient Ottoman Era characters. Presently Hacivat, Karagoz, and Zenne perfumes are launched in the Shadowplay collection.

Nishane Hacivat is the most famous in the ShadowPlay line-up.

Specifications of Nishane Hacivat are as under:-

  • PERFUME HOUSE – Nishane
  • Perfumer – Jorge Lee
  • CLASSIFICATION – Woody, Citrus, Mossy, fruity, Earthy
  • DOMINANT NOTES – pineapple, Bergamot, Woody Notes, Oakmoss
  • TOP NOTES – Pineapple, Bergamot, Grapefruit
  • HEART NOTES – Patchouli, Jasmine, Cedar Wood
  • BASE NOTES – Oakmoss, Woody notes
  • GENDER & AGE – MALE, 23+
  • RECOMMENDED SEASON – Summer and Spring
  • OCCASIONS – All occasions
  • DRESS CODE – All dress codes
  • SILLAGE – 2-3 Hours
  • NO OF SPRAYS – 2-3
  • UNIQUENESS – 7.5/10
  • COMPLIMENTS – 8/10
  • LIKEABILITY – 8/10
  • VALUE TO MONEY – 9/10

Theme and Inspiration of Nishane Hacivat-Welcome to Ottoman Era

Nishane Hacivat is inspired by Hacivat and Karagoz shadowplay characters. origin of this shadowplay is attributed to the Ottoman empire. The picture of Karagoz and Hacivat is shown here during review of NIshane Hacivat
ShadowPlay Hacivat and Karagoz

Hacivat and Karagoz were two famous characters of Shadowplay during the Ottoman Empire. Hacivat represents the elite class and is wise and intelligent.

Whereas Karagoz (which means He with a Black eye) represented the normal masses and would ask naive and fun questions to Hacivat.

It was much appreciated and famous entertainment that was even brought into Ottoman Castles. Masses and elites loved these likewise. Whereas Zenne was the main heroine of the same play.

In 2017 Nishane introduced the shadowplay collection and named the three perfumes on the same Shadowplay. Hacivat bottle is white representing the elite and wise. Karagoz is mass appealing and loving and hence a black bottle. Zenne is hot and flaming and thus the bottle is red.

The presentation and Bottle Design of Nishane Hacivat – An expensive feel

Nishave Hacivat perfume bottle and box are shown during the unboxing

The box of Nishane Hacivat is a maze style on the front with a black theme denoting the wood maze windows that were used in old ottoman-architecture windows.

Peeking from dark to bright, discovering and announcing your presence is the theme of the box. Showing your inner to the outside world. The maze is black with a white background, giving the box a premium feel.

An outer maze-style cover is slid to expose the pure black box and a white perfume is tightly snugged inside the black cushioning.

The white bottle of Nishane Hacivat alongside the golden cap denotes richness, a premium touch, and yet a simple feel. The white color is also attributed to the season where it can be used. White is also the color for spring and summer.

I love the overall theme of the box and bottle, unlike the Dior Sauvage where no theme is there as far as the bottle and box are concerned. Although that perfume is good as per its price.

Is a tribute to elegance, kindness, competence, and love of art. Inspired by the traditional shadow play character, this eau chypre will help you live in your best dreams by the everlasting sparkles of its joyful structure made of the stimulating notes of pineapple and bergamot backed with the genuine woody notes. Enjoy being loved with this blissful scent that has become an iconic scent for many in such a short period of time!

Words by Nishane

Nishane Hacivat Notes Review

Nishane Hacivat's notes are shown in the picture. The top notes are Pineapple, Bergamot, and Grapefruit. 
The heart notes are jasmine, Patchouli, and Cedar. Whereas, the base notes are oakmoss and woody notes.
Nishane Hacivat Perfume Notes

The notes define the outcome whereas, the blending alongside the proportion, define the character of perfume and the artistry of the perfumer.

Although not many notes are used, the quality and blending are amazing. There are three distinct phases of this perfume and it changes the characteristics in every phase. Which is amazing and very soothing to sniff.

You would fall in love with this perfume and many of you could find this as your signature perfume.

Top Notes Review of Nishane Hacivat-It beats all fresh category perfumes

The top notes in Nishane Hacivat are Pineapple, Bergamot, and Grapefruit.

The top notes are very refined and have a cleanliness to their tone. These seem very expensive with a pineapple note upfront opening. Many people attribute this opening to Creed Aventus due to the Pineapple opening in both perfumes.

For a better comparison, read my in-depth review of Creed Aventus to know the pros and cons and also the similarities with Hacivat.

But in Nishane Hacivat the pineapple is very refined and a sour note is felt alongside, due to Grapefruit and Bergamot notes. Which shoulder and support it beautifully.

If I have to define this phase from everyday life. Then imagine summers and take a very fresh pineapple, bergamot, and juicy grapefruit. Grand them with the peel. And that is the opening phase. A very fresh, very fruity, and citrusy. Although, you would feel a little woody note somewhere in the background.

Projection and sillage remain for a good 2-3 hours during this phase.

Heart Notes Review of Nishane Hacivat-The wonder begins

Jasmine, Patchouli, and Cedar are used in the heart notes of Nishane Hacivat.

Overall Cedar is a dominant note Patchouli gives it a sour effect and jasmine is a little sweet. The notes of patchouli and jasmine are wonderfully balanced and together they give Cedar’s note a little smoky tone.

If I have to tell you what this phase smells like. Then go to a shop where fresh Cedar wood is cut through the wood grinder. Once, fast-moving grinder comes in contact with a very fresh Cedar wood then there is a wonderful smell of wood alongside a little burning smell due to high speed blades of grinder. This phase is just like that and the smokiness is very clean and pleasant.

This phase would remain there for a good 4-5 hours and, with a decent projection.

Base Notes – Rain Forest with Cool moss

Oakmoss and Woody Tones are used in the base notes of Nishane Hacivat.

This phase during the review of Nishane Hacivat reminded me of the Oak trees during rain. Imagine walking in the Oak woods and due to sogginess, there is a distinct smell of Oakmoss in the woods. It is not bad.

Again a very refined note that is used in a perfect ratio. which gives this phase a calming and cool effect. A perfect recipe for spring and summer.

This phase would remain there for another 3-4 hours and the smell would sit close to the skin but would project occasionally.

My Experience and Suggestions- This can be a perfect Blind Buy

I am one of those fanatics who has a good perfume collection. And this brings one problem. Often time you get confused as to what to wear for a specific occasion. And when I am confused, then Nishane Hacivat comes to my rescue.

A summer and spring perfume for me and my wife. Yeah, we both love it and fight over it. I mean, that I am not allowed to wear it at the same time as she wears it.

Typical problem and yeah, she wins every time. This is our go-to perfume for summers and for winters we both love Oud Ispahan. I sort of love Dior Homme Intense more for an indoor winter event.

And if i have to go for a clubbing then i wear Bvlgari Man in Black due to its boozy nature.

So now I have come to an understanding with my summer and spring perfumes. I use Bleu de Chanel EDP during summer nights and Dior Sauvage during office and normal daytime use. And for a premium feel I use Hacivat. When the occasion demands then the King Comes.

Although, this was the first perfume that I tried from this niche house. And let me tell you that I was not at all disappointed.

Often times people buy cheap refilled perfume from online stores at a throwaway price. And later complain that my perfume is not projecting and performing. My suggestion would be to, always buy from a reputable source and you should know how to buy authenticated perfumes

Nishane Hacivat vs Creed Aventus- My Take

This perfume has overtaken my love for Creed Aventus.

Do not get me wrong here. As explained earlier, both are different perfumes. Just the opening would give it a little hint that both are the same. But Creed Aventus takes a little more of musky nature in dry-down whereas, Hacivat is more towards the woody forest.

Even the pineapple note is different in the opening. Hacivat Pineapple is pure and just a little sour and Aventus Pineapple is sour alongside an apple note. To an ordinary nose, there can be similarities.

And for the pure reason of its performance, I rate Hacivat perfume better than Creed Aventus if you have to choose between the two.

The 2016 onward batches of Creed Aventus are not performing as they used to back in the day.

Longevity, Projection and Sillage

There are no grievances here. Altogether, beast of perfume that lasts easily for 12 hours plus in an indoor environment and, a good 9-10 hours outside. And that too in summer. Although, the longevity might be a little less in humid weather.

As far as sillage/ scent trail is concerned, then you would leave your trail and aura for a good 2-3 hours. Anyone would recognize that you were there a few moments ago.

Nishane Hacivat has a good projection bubble of 6-7 feet. Another key point is, that you would be complimented for your perfume and that is an awesome feeling.

Dress and Occasion

As a matter of fact, the good thing about premium perfumes is that they complement every dress and are suited for almost all occasions.

Nishane Hacivat has a very clean feeling to it and, correspondingly it is good for all dress types and all occasions. You can wear it to date, office, business meetings, and even socializing events and you would feel equally good at all times.

From suits to casual wear this perfume will not disappoint you, although you might differ as far as my opinion in this regard is concerned.

Likeability and Complement factor of NIshane Hacivat

Always remember, that as per my experience, people shy away from complimenting you for your perfume. Only those who would compliment you who are otherwise frank with you. Additionally, a compliment from a stranger would only come once he wants to talk to you and if he is a perfume lover.

But Nishane Hacivat is a perfect ice-breaker. People would want to talk to you and would be even envied. Because this is a rich boys and girls perfume.

And as I said earlier in one of my reviews that perfume makes memories. And Nishane Hacivat for sure will make a memory that will remind people of you when soever they smell something similar.

Age and Gender

As said earlier, Nishane Hacivat is a perfect Unisex perfume. It works equally well for men and women alike.

Anyone over the age of 20 and under 55 can carry this perfume with ease.

The good thing about summer and spring perfumes that have a citrusy nature is that they work for all ages. From college going to a mature person, this perfume would suit everyone.

Uniqueness and Value for Money

Uniqueness is a question mark here. It’s difficult these days to be unique once you have citrusy notes upfront.

And generally, a summer fragrance does need to have a citrusy and mass-appealing cool factor to counter the harshness of summer.

So yeah overall I would say Nishane Hacivat’s opening might not be unique. But what is unique is the pureness and premium feel of its notes.

Although for me this perfume is unique in its blending and that’s what I found out during my in-depth review of Nishane Hacivat over the last 6 months.

Many people consider Nishane Hacivat as pricey but considering the performanceit is rightly priced in my opinion.

The notes are very refined and expensive and that can be seen by the performance it offers with 2-3 sprays. If you buy a 50ml bottle, that is good to go for two summer seasons at the least.


  • A very good unisex perfume
  • Longevity is 12 hours +
  • Projection and sillage is very good
  • Suitable for all occasions and dresses
  • The best clean and citrusy perfume


  • The price is bit too much for many
  • Can be used for summers and spring season only
  • Availability is little less


IS Nishane Hacivat a good perfume?

Nishane Hacivat is a premium citrusy and woody accord unisex perfume that is a very good choice for the summer and spring seasons.

What does Nishane Hacivat smell like?

Nishane Hacivat has a citrusy opening with Pineapple, Bergamot, and grapefruit notes. Additionally a woody dry-down with oakmoss in the background.

How long does Nishane Hacivat last?

Nishane Hacivat lasts for 12 hours plus indoor and a good 9-10 hours outside.

Why Nishane Hacivat is called Chypre perfume?

Chypre perfumes have a citrusy opening, woody heart notes in the middle, and moss as a signature base note. Havcat belongs to the Chypre family of perfumes due to this reason.

What does Oakmoss smell like?

Oakmoss smell is earthy, wet, seaweed type, and mushroomy alongside a woody tone. It is used to give depth to woody accords and to bring a coolness to perfumes. It adds warmth and intense nature to perfumes and in most cases, is used as a base note.

Nishane Hacivat vs Creed Aventus. Which is better?

Nishane Hacivat is better than Creed Aventus if you have to choose between the two. Although Creed Aventus and Hacivat are different in a dry down phase. The performance of Hacivat is by far better than Aventus in terms of longevity and projection.

Is Nishane Hacivat reformulated?

No, it is not reformulated yet and has the same performance and smell since it came out in 2017.

Why my Nishane Hacivat not projecting?

Most likely you have bought a re-filled bottle from a non-trusty online store. It is always recommended to buy perfumes from authenticated sources and do your research.

Parting Thoughts

If you have come this far while reading review of Nishane hacivat, then think no longer and buy Nishane Hacivat.

It can even be your blind-buy perfume. A wonderful and clean citrusy opening, which might not be unique, but would be distinct. A very good middle phase with a wonderful dry down. Additionally, you would never get tired of this masterpiece.

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