Versace Eros Review-The Bold Perfume

Right from its launch in 2012, I am a huge fan of Versace Eros. It is the most-known perfume from the House of Versace. A fresh category perfume designed for cooler temperatures.

Normally heavy notes are associated with fall and winter perfumes, but not here. A bold step, which might seem like a risk but rightly pulled off. Versace Eros is here to stay.

Longevity and projection are on the spot with such a good and sweet price point.

It is for people who are young and just a caution. Mature women would not like it on you as it is a bit too sweet.

So let’s dive in as to what Versace Eros has to offer!

Versace Eros Perfume bottle is shown in the picture while writing the review

Summary Of Versace Eros Review

While it’s easy to fall into a pattern and rebuy and use perfumes that are well within your comfort, sometimes it’s best to head out and try something new.

Versace Eros is one of the perfumes that are worth stepping out of your comfort zone for. It is not your everyday usual Sauvage EDP.

A fragrance isn’t just an accessory, it’s signature, and the type of scent you wear gives off the energy of the type of person you are and your taste.

A strong perfume like the Versace Eros is a sure-shot attention grabber in a way that doesn’t even seem like you’re trying, and even if you are, it works!

  • Associated with Greek mythology and radiates elegance
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Well-known for its quality
  • Fresh woody yet slightly oriental fragrance
  • An absolutely wonderful blend of heart notes and base notes
  • Astounding attention grabber
  • Great projection
  • Works perfectly as an aromatic stress relief

Versace Eros Notes

Top notes include ingredients like mint, luscious green apple, and Italian lemon.

The middle notes include an interesting blend of tonka bean that goes well with the base notes.

The base notes consist of a wide range of ingredients that add to the intrigue of what makes Versace Eros so great. They include Madagascar vanilla, atlas cedar, Vetiver, and Oakmoss!

Bottle And Box Presentation

The bottle and presentation of the Versace Eros scream from the top of their lungs about Greek mythology and art!

It is a turquoise blue glass bottle with the logo imprinted in the center in gold.

Versace Eros Box is shown which is elegant and blue in color

That is a statement of elegance in itself. The cap stands out compared to the rest of the bottle, but that is what ties the look of uniqueness together! While the bottle is stylish, it is still masculine and a very aesthetically pleasing addition to the wardrobe or bedroom shelf.

The box mimics the bottle and the lid and compliments the rest of the look regardless of whether you end up keeping the box or not.

Overall, the bottle, packaging, and box presentation are unique and stand out compared to your everyday perfumes.

Its presentation is amongst one of my favorites alongside Nishane Hacivat.

However, be mindful to buy the original and don’t be scammed for fake Versace Eros.

How Does Versace Eros Smell Like

Knowing about the exact notes is great, but sometimes you just need to know what something smells like; lucky for you, I’m going to tell you exactly what you’re getting your hands into when you get the Versace Eros.

The Versace Eros starts off strong, and right off the bat, people can smell the freshness and sweetness of your perfume from a mile away because of the refreshing blend of green apple, mint, and tonka bean, but as you go about your day, the perfume dries down to its mellow vanilla base note.

The creator of Versace Eros had the vision of creating a perfume that is not only fresh but gives off a cool and clean vibe which the Versace Eros is sure to achieve!

The best part about the Versace Eros coming off as a strong scent is not only does it last you through the day, but it lasts longer as a perfume because there’s a lack of need for reapplications of excessive pumps of perfume to smell a certain way!

Here is what Kirisena (on Fragrantica) had to say for this perfume

I had so much prejudice against this fragrance since the fragrance communities online say it’s a horny teenager scent. I actually smelt it on a person today in a classy restaurant and it was BEAUTIFUL. A minty fougere, just my taste. Nothing vulgar about it, unlike certain other scents with the same reputation. I will be sampling this line in the weeks to come


The Opening Of Versace Eros – Elegant And Powerful

The Versace Eros is many things but subtle is not one of them. The Versace Eros has a bold and energetic presence and a personality of its own.

The opening of the Versace Eros is this big, tiny, yet aquatic energy that can just take you aback at first but grows on you with time.

One of the really fun things about the opening fragrance is that while it smells like an absolute classic, it doesn’t come across as vintage or old-fashioned (it’s you’ve just got to try kind of thing).

The best I could do at describing it would be a juvenile scent but better and masculine. Its sharpness is well-adjusted with the base notes making it a wonderfully well-rounded perfume.

The opening of the perfume makes as strong a statement as Blue De Chanel EDP, which is my favorite opening by any perfume.

Heart Notes – Freshness That Parallels Eden

As the name suggests, the heart notes are truly the heart of the perfume and the life of the party.

In this case, the heart is most certainly the scent of scrumptious green apples that leave you and your surroundings (yes, your surroundings!) smelling fresher than ever.

I’d go as far as saying that the Versace Eros would cease to exist without the green apple note. The Italian lemon is what packs a punch later on, catching up with the green apple making it the concoction of the decade for sure!

Base Notes Of Versace Eros – A Sweetness That Ties It All Together

A strong perfume like the Versace Eros needs something to tone it down and make it more chill, which is exactly where the base notes kick in!

The vanilla, atlas cedar, Vetiver, and Oakmoss are what the perfume eventually settles on.

I personally love how the middle note of tonka bean goes perfectly with the base Madagascar vanilla. It’s something a true perfume enthusiast is sure to appreciate.

The price and uniqueness of Versace Eros have made me include it in my list of best summer perfumes for men.

Projection And Longevity

Now, let’s get down to longevity and projection!

The longevity and projection of the Versace Eros are phenomenal! It is good to last you over 10 hours, and the opening projection lasts from 1 to 2 hours. The perfume really is a pleasant surprise in a bottle, and I’m not disappointed, to say the least!

A room filler for sure and fewer sprays are enough. Which is a rarity for a perfume with such a price tag.

Dress And Occasions

While the Versace Eros is a perfect all-season perfume, it slightly tilts toward a summer/ fall season. With that said, if you’re good to wear it throughout the year, that works out perfectly as well!

And if you are someone in your 20s, then go with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male.

The Versace Eros needs no occasion. You can freely wear it every day. Run errands as I did, go shopping, hang out with a few of your friends or dress up to go somewhere for an actual event.

The Versace Eros is an attention grabber unlike any other, so it’s basically the perfect partner for any occasion or everyday outing. 

Although it can be used for clubbing, but i like more flirty perfumes for that part of life, like Bvlgari Man in Black.

Pros And Cons – Versace Eros


  • Perfect to wear every day        
  • Can be worn all year round
  • Guaranteed to turn heads        
  • Get the compliments of a lifetime        
  • Amazing longevity, projection, and sillage        
  • Cool and minty fragrance leaving you feeling fresh
  • Price is very good and affordable


  • Relatively mature scent and is not just for clubbing
  • Comes off as too strong to some people        
  • In the middle of mature and juvenile
  • Too sweet for some        
  • Doesn’t cater to certain niches        
  • Feels too overbearing if you use too much at once

Parting Thoughts On Versace Eros

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind standing out of the crowd, then the Versace Eros is most certainly for you! It leaves quite the impression and is surprisingly very long-lasting.

It is masculine and powerful yet perfect to be worn every day throughout the year, making it a staple!

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