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Silver Mountain Water EDP by Creed is an aromatic unisex fragrance. Launched in 1995, the nose behind Silver Mountain Water was Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon.

Silver Mountain Water incorporates the energy and purity of chilly, unadulterated alpine air. This perfume is designed to evoke the sparkling high-mountain streams of water in the Swiss Alps and is inspired by Olivier’s fondness for skiing.

Silver Creed is for Summer and spring. It is highly priced like all other perfumes from House of Creed. But with the purity and magic that Silver Mountain perfume is to offer, you would feel that the money is well spent.

This is CREED’s take on a wonderful modern luxurious scent.

Silver mountain perfume by creed is shown in the picture with pictorial description of notes

Silver mountain EDP is amongst my list of most Most Popular Creed Perfumes for Ladies

Most Popular Creed Perfumes for Ladies -Creed Silver Mountain EDP

Summary of SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER EDP by Creed Review

While it may be tempting to stay in your fragrance comfort zone, treating your olfactory senses with something unique is always a great idea.

Fragrances speak for their wearer and so, choosing the right fragrance is vital. However, with an array of choices before you, it surely is a daunting task.

In this review, I will be convincing you to make a choice so don’t worry- you’re in safe hands! Silver Mountain Water EDP by Creed is a scent worthy of losing your security blanket for_ it’s unusual, crisp, and stimulating.

It is a unisex fragrance and a definite attention grabber for events where you desire to shine.

  • A harmonious balance between top notes and base notes
  • Perfect middle-ground intensity
  • A refreshing yet dignified scent
  • Good longevity and impressive projection
  • Top-quality ingredients used
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Aesthetically pleasing packaging
  • Suitable for all ages


SMW opens with the sharp and zesty notes of Bergamot and Mandarin, giving the fragrance an amazingly lively start.  

These two accords are responsible for a zingy, sparkling quality in the opening which is loved by many. The citrusy notes are well-rounded, soft, and crisp, striking a perfect balance with the more aromatic base notes.


Green Tea, Black Currant, and Ozonic Accords make up the middle notes of SMW.  These are what give the perfume its green, herbal, and coldly fresh character.

These notes smell delicately floral, vegetal, and airy. The tea evokes calmness in addition to the black currant, which adds a slightly tart and fruity nuance to the composition, creating a smart balance with the bright initial citruses.

The middle notes are subtle yet very noticeable, slowly transitioning into the warmer heart notes.


The base of SMW comprises Musk, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, and Galbanum. The entry of a creamy sandalwood base, after the calming middle notes, works harmoniously with the musk and tea, creating depth and maturity.

Moreover, the woody musky base makes the fragrance warm and inviting, adding a refined character to the fragrance. This scent is indeed very well balanced, both in terms of freshness and intensity.

The intensity of Silver Mountain Water is just right- overpowering nor weak but easily detectable by everyone around you!

Silver Mountain Water EDP by Creed


Simply put-this scent is captivating, sensual, and outdoorsy and complements any setting. The best time to wear this fresh and invigorating scent is during the warmer days (summer and spring).

SMW makes a great choice for most day-based activities, for example, a casual walk or lunch breaks. If you want to direct all the attention toward yourself, this scent does the job very well.

Refreshing enough for casual situations, dignified enough for professional settings and special events, you can even wear this to work!

Another perfume that I love from the House of Creed is Creed Millesime, mainly because of the sea notes. And I love the beach vibes during summer.


Creed Silver Mountain Water has an above-average longevity with the scent lasting from 7 to 8 hours, largely depending upon your skin chemistry.

After 8+ hours, SMW largely evaporates and finally settles down to a light musky smell that is detectable. Before putting on the perfume, you may want to apply some petroleum jelly on your pulse points to enhance the lasting power of the fragrance.


Projection refers to how far a fragrance radiates off your skin. Projection-wise, SMW performs great in the first 2 hours of application and subsequently leaves a few feet trail of an enchanting scent behind you. A few pumps of SMW are enough for you to turn heads at any event!


  • Suitable for both genders
  • Spellbinding and compliment-worthy scent
  • Careful product distribution by CREED therefore you don’t have to fear a scam
  • The fragrance products used are safe for sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • Last but not least, well-crafted and high-quality notes


  • The very high price point


CREED SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER enjoys a classy all-white packaging symbolizing the snow-capped SWISS ALPS.

The perfume comes in a simplistic porcelain white glass bottle, in the iconic CREED silhouette, with a glistening silver cap.

The packaging is undoubtedly elegant and simple, just like the fragrance itself_ It’s like watching the Swiss mountains on a snowy day.


SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER evidently achieves its purpose_ to remind you of the snow-capped Swiss Alps. It is a cool, clean, and mentholated scent with the warmth and comfort of a plush jacket on a snowy day.

This modern marine/green scent captures the purity of the mountains and can definitely get you at the top of the Swiss Alps with its fresh scent and a smooth touch of woodiness from the base.

The impeccable blend of black currant, green tea aroma, and just the right amount of musk makes for a refreshing olfactory experience.

The performance of this scent is perhaps not the most impressive whereas cheaper options are available when you want to smell fresh and clean. Silver Mountain Water EDP’s high price is a point worthy of careful consideration.

However, CREED’s perfumes have an unmatchable quality to them that is hard to find. They use top-notch ingredients to create the finest fragrances that set the standard and so, are worth the money. The cold sensation you get by sniffing the perfume is unparalleled.

Any woman/man can do this despite their age and get a bouquet of compliments, thanks to SMW. Summing up, SMW can make a great purchase since you can experience the crisp Swiss Alps air in the comfort of your home!

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