5 Best Travel Perfume Sprayers and Atomizers – Mark a statement on trip

The way you dress, groom, and present yourself, falls short of making a statement if you are not wearing a perfume suitable to the occasion. Traveling to another country or city for business or pleasure without your signature scents is a bad idea. Hence comes the question, that which are the best travel perfume sprayers/ atomizers available in the market.

As per Aviation/ Airlines rules you can only carry one 3.4 Oz/ 100ml perfume bottle in your carry-on hand luggage in an airplane. So for a short trip, it is always a good idea to keep perfume travel atomizers with you.

But with so many confusing options, the question is, which are the best? And how many travel perfume atomizers/ sprayers do you need to carry for your next trip? What is the airline policy governing carrying perfumes in hand luggage or checked-in suitcases?

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The picture shows the best travel perfume sprayers which can be carried in the hand luggage during air travel

Why you need the Best Travel Perfume Sprayers/ Atomizers

Going on a short business or leisure trip and do not want to book luggage to avoid accidental misplacing. Or you might not be the person who stands for an hour at the conveyor belt.

This situation would warrant you to carry one 100 ml/ 3.4 Oz Perfume Bottle in your carry-on luggage due to Civil Aviation restrictions on carrying more than 100 ml liquid in cabin/ hand luggage.

The best alternative is to have the best travel perfume sprayers/ atomizers, filled up with your signature scents. And marked accordingly. Before I tell you the options, let us first find out how many perfumes you would be needing for certain occasions and how long would they last. Also why there is a restriction on carrying more than 100ml/ 3.4 Oz liquid in your cabin bag?

The Aviation rule for carrying the Perfume Bottle in your Hand or Checked-In Luggage

The rule for carrying perfume bottles in an Airline falls under two separate categories. The checked-in luggage and hand luggage. So we will discuss them accordingly.

Carrying perfume in Checked in Luggage

If you carry more than one bottle of 100ml/ 3.4 Oz each, these must be placed in your checked-in luggage.

The restriction is applied based on the flammable nature of the aerosol used in the perfume bottle. Which is clearly stated in the airline ticket and also on the website of the concerned Civil Aviation. Must note that total liquid capacity must not exceed 500 ml of perfume in checked-in luggage.

Furthermore, a total of 5 perfume bottles can be carried in checked-in lugage if each bottle is 100ml/ 3.4 Oz.

Perfumes should be inside a clear sealed Ziploc bag and easily accessible for the checking procedure by the airport security staff.

It is always advisable to keep the perfume bottles inside their boxes and further secured in bubble wrap. Keep the perfumes nicely tucked inside clothes to provide an additional cushion. This arrangement would help accidental spillage or breaking of glass perfume bottles.

Carrying perfume in hand luggage during air travel

Moreover, if you are carrying a single perfume bottle or any toiletry item that is either 100ml/ 3.4 Oz or less in your cabin luggage. Then as per the civil aviation rule, these need to be inside of the 1 Qtz Clear, Ziploc sealed plastic bag.

Airport security staff might confiscate your perfume if it is not in a sealed bag. The reason is that the pressure in the cabin is maintained as per the aircraft’s altitude and a momentary difference might cause perfume to spill through the sprayer/ atomizers. Which can cause the scent to escape rapidly and disturb the passengers.

If you are carrying perfume in the travel atomizer bottle, then these also need to be inside the clear sealed bag inside your hand luggage. You would not have any problem while going through the airport security staff.

How many perfumes you need for your Business trip

If it is a short business trip, then must carry at least 3 perfumes with you.

One perfume as a scent of the day that should cover your daily routine. Or if you have to travel to different offices. Like Dior Sauvage which falls in a fresh category of perfume. And it makes you likable and boosts your confidence.

If you do not want to project your perfume and yet want to have a fresh category perfume, then go with Bleu De Chanel.

The other perfume that you must have is for all that important business meetings with an important person. Look no beyond then Dior Homme Intense or maybe if you are into oriental smells then Oud Ispahan is a good choice.

And the third one would be a scent for the evening. Or if you have a leisurely dinner or maybe you have to go to a club. My choice would be either Bvlgari Man in Black or a more safe option is Poco Rabbani One Million.

Best Travel Perfume Sprayers/ Atomizers List

So now comes the time to answer the main topic. With so many options for travel sprayers and atomizers, which are the best? We will look into durability, ease of refilling, looks, style statements, and reviews by the users.

Having said that, let’s continue on to the list and find out which are the best.

  1. SixTmoon 5ml Portable Atomizer – Best for safety and style
  2. Lil Ray 10ml Perfume Atomizer – Best for capacity
  3. Travalo 5ml Classic Perfume Atomizer – Writer’s choice
  4. Lisapack 8ml Atomizer Perfume Spray Bottle – Best Seller on Amazon
  5. Yeejok 5ml Refillable Perfume Atomizer – Best for women

SixTmoon 5ml Portable Atomizer-Overall best travel perfume sprayers

SixTmoon Travel perfume sprayer is shown as the overall best in the category of travel perfume sprayers for air journey or carry on

SixTmoon portable atomize is on top of my list owing to its spill-proof design and the leathery outer cover which feels elegant in the hands.

The Atomizer comprises an inner glass bottle that has a nicely sealed pump towards the bottom. It is a bottom-filled design and can be filled without the hassle of a funnel as follows:-

  • Remove the spray cap of perfume to expose the nozzle.
  • Press the bottom pump of the atomizer on the nozzle.
  • With every push the perfume spray would start coming inside the atomizer.

SixTmoon atomizer is available in eight elegant colors for men and women. My favorite color is black and white and I think the rest of the colors are more suited for female users.

It has a very good nano sprayer which ensures that fine mist comes out and is evenly sprayed onto the body and clothes.

A 5ml capacity would give you around 40-50 sprays approximately and would cover your perfuming needs for a short trip. Normally in one application, you would be applying 4-5 sprays.

Moreover, if you are going for a little longer or want a little more versatile perfumes for different occasions. Then take along 3 atomizers filled up with different perfumes.

And it is TSA-approved. Moreover, you can also carry it on-person while going through airport security.

The picture shows various colors of SixTmoon Travel perfume sprayers. It has a leather outer case and an inner glass bottle.


  • No Spillage
  • Safe design
  • Elegant leather outer cover
  • TSA approved


  • It is difficult to clean the inner bottle for filling your next perfume
  • Fewer color options for men
  • A 5ml might not cover you for a long journey.

Lil Ray 10ml Perfume Atomizer – Best for capacity

Lil Ray 10ml atomizer perfume sprayer is shown in the picture. In best travel perfume sprayers it is at second place as per OpoositAttracts rating

Lil Ray is a top-fill design, elegant-looking bottle. It comprises an outer plastic marble-looking case and a glass bottle inside with a fine spray mechanism.

A 10 ml capacity would cover your journey easily. In a 10 ml atomizer, you would get around 90-110 sprays easily. It is provided with a funnel and the filling procedure is as follows:-

Top fill mechanism of Lil ray atomizer is shown in the picture.
  • Open the spray of atomizer
  • Insert the funnel in the atomizer bottle
  • Bring perfume near to the funnel and spray perfume inside the bottle
  • Once filled, securely tighten the sprayer onto the atomizer
  • Put the glass bottle inside the plastic case

Once filled, then to expose the sprayer you have to twist the bottle clockwise. It is a cheaply priced product and you get 5 spray bottles for under 15 $.

You get the choice of 5 colors which are more of a marble style dual colors pattern. Again my favorites are black and white here. Spillages can not be guaranteed here but still, 76% of people have given this product a solid 5 stars.


  • A solid 10 ml capacity
  • with Nice color designs
  • Bottle can be cleaned and aerated easily for the next perfume refill


  • Not a spill-proof design
  • Provided funnel needs to be taken along for the journey.
  • Less color options
  • A no see window means you have to take out the glass bottle to know the amount left
  • Not an airtight design

Travalo 5ml Classic Perfume Atomizer – Writer’s choice

Travaldo is one of the best travel perfume sprayers as per the writer of the article

This is one of my favorite perfumes Atomizer. It is small, classy, and has an up-class feeling to it. A spill and leakage-proof airtight design, which is very convenient to carry.

It comes in 9 colors and my favorite is blue and black here. A see-through chamber lets you know the level of perfume.

It has a sturdy outer case which is safer and the glass inner bottle is nicely tucked in it. The bottom-filled mechanism ensures that no spillage is there.

You do not have to carry the funnels with you. And this is airtight which means your favorite perfume is not exposed to oxidation or evaporation.

The filling mechanism is the same as for any bottom-filled perfume travel atomizer.

Travaldo travel perfume sprayer bottom fill mechanism is shown in the picture
  • Open the sprayer of perfume
  • Take the glass camber of the atomizer
  • Put the bottom pump of the atomizer onto the exposed tube of perfume and push downwards
  • with every push the perfume would go into the atomizer


  • A safe and spill-proof design
  • See through window
  • Decent color options
  • A metallic outer case
  • Airtight design
  • 81% 5-star ratings on Amazon


  • Not easy to clean the glass bottle for the next refill
  • Price is a little more as compared to other options

Lisapack 8 ml Atomizer Perfume Spray Bottle – Best Seller on Amazon

Lisapack 8ml picture is shown here. It is top fill perfume atomizer which is the best seller on Amazon

This is the best seller on Amazon in the category of cologne travel bottles. A decent 8ml capacity would ensure that you have enough liquid available for the short trip.

The atomizer has an outer plastic case that is not see-through. And an inner glass top-filled bottle. The funnel is provided for re-fill and needs to be taken along to ensure that no spillage is there.

A rotating style outer case ensures that the atomizer sprayer is safe from the accidental press. However, it gives more of a lipstick touch and would not be suited for a mature man.

An easy-to-clean glass bottle for your next perfume refills. And the filling steps are simple but not spill-proof.

  • Take out the glass bottle of atomizer
  • Put the funnel on the bottle after removing the sprayer
  • Spray your favorite perfume inside the funnel
  • Close the lid and put the glass bottle inside the plastic case.


  • Capacity of 8ml is very practical for almost 60/70 sprays
  • Bottle is easy to clean
  • Price is fair
  • Rotating outer cover ensures that sprayer is not pressed accidently


  • Not entirely spill proof
  • Funnel needs to be taken along for re-fill
  • Aeration of perfume while spraying in
  • Lipstick type look might not be for everyone

Yeejok 5ml Refillable Perfume Atomizer – Best for women

Yeejok 5ml Refillable perfume atomizer is shown in the picture. It is one of the best travel perfume sprayers for women.

In the best travel perfume sprayers category, Yeejok 5ml perfume/ cologne atomizer is overall best. It is due to the overall combination of features and safety that it has to offer. However, the looks are more suited and targeted toward female users.

An inner glass bottle with a 5ml capacity. That is bottom filled with a very secure bottom pump and seal. An outer colorful rubberized case that provides an additional cushion. And a very good nano sprayer that is good for fine mist and even distribution.

A clear glass window is also provided so that you always know how much perfume is left in your atomizer. It is available in 6 different colors for men and women. My favorite is the blue one which is more toward sky blue tone.

The filling mechanism is same as described before as well:-

  • Take the sprayer off the perfume bottle to expose the tube nozzle
  • Push the atomizer bottom onto the perfume bottle nozzle
  • With each push the perfume would be filled inside the atomizer


  • Airtight design
  • Rubberized outer case provides additional cushion to the glass bottle
  • Price is very fair as compared to the quality of the atomizer


  • Bottle is difficult to clean after the perfume is finished
  • Rubberized outer case might not be liked by everyone

Final Thoughts on Best Travel Perfume Perfume Sprayers

Everyone needs at least 3-5 travel perfume sprayers, either for the journey or even going outside the home for a long time. There might be certain occasions when one needs to refresh the perfume.

I always keep them handy and filled with my favorite seasonal and occasional specific perfumes. My office is from 9-5 and I need to re-apply perfume before the meetings and also after the mid-day.

It is one of the accessories that everyone needs alongside perfumes. It is a cheap but handy article that covers you once you are in dire need.

Happy Journey and Happy perfuming!

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