Dior Homme Intense Review – A No Brainer Buy

If you want to have only one designer perfume in your wardrobe for this winter. Then let that be Dior Homme Intense. This, very personal review will lead you onto the journey of projection, longevity, notes, and history of reiterations of Dior Homme Intense. A true legendary perfume that has captured the designer perfume market since 2011.

There have been a few dips in sales and popularity due to the 2015 reformulation. But Dior Homme Intense is back on track with the release of the 2020 edition. Which is continuing to date in 2024.

It is more of a male perfume but sweetness, powdery and floral tones make it popular amongst females as well.

I got the 2022 version of this perfume as a gift from a dear friend not so long ago. And I was in love with it instantly. Moreover, for the sake of this review, I bought the decanted perfumes of the original 2011 and then 2017 reformulation as well.

Let me tell you, that the newer version (2022 batch) Of Dior Homme Intense is very close to the 2011 version. And I would rate it even higher. My advice would be, not to go for older versions. As every perfume has a shelf life and much care is needed if you want to use older reformulations.

DIor Homme Intense bottle is shown in the picture

Dior Homme intense is floral, Powdery and earthy perfume that has an up class feeling

Imran Satti

Summary of Dior Homme Intense review

Life is busy, and at times we do not want to go through the complete review. So let me save your time and give you a brief of as to what all you need to know.

  1. More of a male perfume but women can use it easily and would get loads of compliments.
  2. Iris note brings in powdery, suede, and earthy accord, which is very deep and long lasting.
  3. Buy the newer batch.
  4. Originally released in 2011 and perfumer is Francois Demachy.
  5. Longevity is around 8-9 hrs with decent projection in initial phase.
  6. A compliment getter and boasts your confidence.
  7. Best use for formal occasions, socializing and clubbing.
  8. Formal dressing would better suit the perfume.
  9. More of a fall and winter perfume.

Dior Homme Intense is at number 1 on my list of Best Dior Colognes for Men. You won’t regret buying this gem.

Dior Homme Intense – A quick Guide

  3. CLASSIFICATION – Woody, Powdery, Earthy
  6. DOMINANT NOTES – Lavender, Iris, Musk, Pear, Cedar
    • TOP NOTES – Lavender
    • HEART NOTES – iris, Ambrette (Musk Mallow) and Pear
    • BASE NOTES – Virginia Cedar and Vetiver
  7. GENDER & AGE – 25+
  12. SILLAGE – 30-45 MINUTES MAX with loud PROJECTION of 4-5 hrs
  13. NO OF SPRAYS – 5-6
  14. UNIQUENESS – 8/10
  15. COMPLIMENTS – 8/10
  16. LIKEABILITY – 8/10
  17. VALUE TO MONEY – 9/10

Perfume Notes

Lavender is used in Top Note.

Iris, Ambrette, and Pear are used in the middle or heart Notes

Whereas, Virginia Cedar and Vetiver are used in the base notes.

Perfume Bottle and Presentation

Dior Homme Intense bottle and box is shown in the review of perfume

The box is ordinary as with almost all cases of Dior Perfumes.

But the bottle is pure love. A thick glass, sort of rectangular bottle which has near-perfect straight lines. The edges are classy and the base of the bottle is thicker. The complete Dior Homme line shares the same bottle design.

It looks classy and outshines other perfumes in my collection. The brownish liquid inside a glass bottle with a sort of blackish (that looks sort of semi-transparent in intense light) thick cap gives this perfume a serious and mature look.

For me, the brown perfume liquid always tricks me into more projection and lasting. And thankfully, I am never disappointed with DHI (Dior Homme Intense), with regards to lasting and projection.

The pressurized atomizer with a thick black pipe inserted into the bottle is pure love. An excellent way of controlling the liquid. But at times you might overspray if you hold it for long.

There are many fake versions of Dior homme intense, so make sure you know all the differences to help you spot the real one.

My Experience with DHI

Prior to this perfume, I only had Dior Sauvage EDP from the house of Dior. Sauvage EDP, as you know is a compliment getter and citrusy perfume. It was pure love for me right from its opening.

And after getting, Dior Homme Intense, I became a big-time fan of  Francois Demachy and the house of Dior. I would rate Dior Homme Intense much above Sauvage EDP with respect to blend and mastery of perfumery. And if at any time I have to choose between the two, then without thinking twice I would vote for DHI.

It is my perfect companion for winters. And if you have to buy a perfume for summers then think no beyond Nishane Hacivat.

How Does Dior Homme Intense smell like

Its opening is powdery, floral, and earthy.

Floral due to pure lavender which is supported by Iris gives it lipstick and creamy flavor. Must know that Iris perfume is extracted from roots and not the flower. It is a delicate process where roots are dried for 5-6 years minimum before the oil is extracted. The note of Iris is complex and its use in perfumes is tricky. Iris is also used in heart notes of Bvlgari Man in Black perfume, which is not very refined as in DHI.

Iris is used in DHI to near perfection. Because of Iris, there is a suede-like texture also added to the perfume. And I love the smell of earthy suede.

After the initial phase, the powdery iris takes over and this phase lasts for a long time. The powdery Iris though seems like a more feminine note but is perfectly balanced by introducing a peer note.

The presence of a peer takes Iris towards the creamy side and gives it a mature, masculine feeling. The muskiness of Ambrette compliments the two but remains in the background. And is hard to be noted in isolation.

Towards the end, the floral notes disappear and so does the Iris note. It happens around the 4th hour onwards approximately depending upon body chemistry and weather. But the woodiness and muskiness remain there. Mostly i can smell the woody note cedar but with some muskiness but not the Vetiver. The Cedar here is upfront.

For me the Second phase is the best in Dior Homme Intense with the perfect blend of Iris and Peer.

Try this perfume and you would not be disappointed. Rather, you would always keep a bottle in your collection. It is that addictive.

Projection and Longevity

I love this perfume so much in terms of projection and performance. It creates a massive projection bubble which would remain for a good 3-4 hours in winter. And as far as Longevity is concerned, expect around 9-10 hours at least.

Although I would have wanted more like Oud Ispahan which lasts till the next day easily. But then comparing the prices between the two, it is a solid performance.

Dress and Occasions

Dior Homme INtense is more suited for formal wear and date nights.

For me, this perfume is for mature men who dress elegantly. A perfect office and meetings wear, which compliments you as a serious person who is formal and means business.

Perfect wear for socializing, and boosting your confidence if you are going for a serious date night. Dior Homme Intense would give you loads of compliments and would indulge you in habit of socializing more.

When so ever I am traveling for a short business trip outside the city, I always keep this perfume with me in a travel perfume atomizer. I am that addictive to this wonderful perfume.

Pros And Cons-Dior Homme Intense Review


  1. A perfect date-night fragrance
  2. Great perfume within the price range
  3. A unique Iris Based Perfume
  4. Compliments getter
  5. Projection and Longevity is very good
  6. The bottle design looks best in your collection
  7. A very good Pressurized sprayer


  1. The floral tones might not be for everyone
  2. The lipstick-type scent in the initial phase could have been improved
  3. For falls and winter only
  4. Not utterly masculine perfume
  5. A more of a night perfume then day-time


What does Dior Homme Intense smell like?

Dior Homme Intense smells like a powdery, floral, and earthy fragrance. The Iris note is dominant and gives it a very classy feeling.

Which is better Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense?

Dior Homme projects and lasts less and is sweeter. Whereas Dior Homme Intense is stronger and has an Iris note which gives it more projection, longevity, and Sillage. Dior Homme Intense is a winner here.

Is Dior Homme Intense unisex perfume?

Yes, it is a unisex perfume. The presence of floral and Iris notes make it a sophisticated makeup box. Which can be worn by females with ease. But it remains more of a masculine perfume.

Parting Thoughts on Dior Homme Intense Review

This is the part of the review of Dior Homme Intense where I would like to be more personal. Although more of a winter and fall perfume, I have worn it in summers as well. In a controlled office environment, 2-3 sprays on wrists and neck would not harm.

I even sleep with this perfume. And it is my habit that I spray perfume on my neck before I go to bed. It helps me sleep better and my feelings remain positive and I feel happy.

Once I am doing a review of any perfume, then I live with that perfume for quite some time, all day long to convey my honest opinion. And Dior Homme intense did not disappoint me and nor would it disappoint you.

Lasting and longevity are not an issue here but floral tones might not be liked by all. So if you are still confused then I would recommend you to either get a decanted 5ml bottle or go to a perfume store and experience it first.

And that would be all till the time i write the next review.

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