Bleu de Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum – Key Differences

Thinking of buying Bleu de Chanel and are confused with EDT vs EDP vs Parfum variants.

The summary of major differences is listed below

  • Oil Concentration – Bleu De Chanel Parfum has the most
  • Lasting – Bleu De Chanel Parfum has the most
  • Longevity – EDP and Parfum are winner because of more oil concentration
  • Projection – EDT because of more alcohol and less oil
  • Sillage – EDT and EDP
  • Price – Parfum variant is most pricy

But sit back and do not rush. There is much more to it than above. In my opinion, this signature scent’s main vibe is in every variant. Yet, Bleu De Chanel EDT, EDP, and Parfum variants are all different.

Let’s dig deep into every variant.

Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum – Price Difference

So let us first discuss the price. Higher oil concentration means more ingredients which means the price will go up. Moreover more oils require more refined blending.

Now I will explain each variant differently to include Notes, projection, longevity, and how EDT, EDP, and Parfum variant of Bleu De Chanel actually smells in the real world.

What are the key differences in BDC EDT vs EDP vs Parfum

The chart below shows the key differences between each variant. From Notes to sillage and projection alongside longevity. These are different perfumes, however, each variant reminds you of other but with different accords.

But before that, must ensure that you have a real deal and not a fake bottle of Bleu de Chanel. If you do not know the differences then read this article to know if your bottle is real or fake.

Also if you are someone who is confused between variants of Sauvage then read this article to know why I give preference to Sauvage edp over the elixir.

Bleu De Chanel key differences between EDT, EDP and Parfum variants, From Notes to sillage and projection alongside longevity. These are different perfumes, however, each variant reminds you of others but with different accords.

Bleu De Chanel EDT – Fragrance Explained and my Experience

Have you watched a movie that has a wonderful opening and you are just expecting something miraculous and your expectations get very high and it comes to a sudden end? Wanting you to have more? This is Bleu De Chanel for me.

Let me explain why?

You want perfume for three things. Compliments, Longevity, and projection bubble, and there is one overarching aspect around these things. The price tag.

You would let go of your budget if you get all three aspects. Bleu de Chanel does not have all but some and yet a 100ml bottle would cost you $110. So you have a decision to make. Let me make it easy for you.

I am talking about the average user of perfume and not fanatics who would appreciate a perfume for its mastery and small details and finesse.

Bleu De Chanel’s opening is wonderful. Fresh, citrusy with lemon and bergamot up-front and Sichuan pepper rounding it off. Giving hints of spices. It started the blue craze in the perfume industry and many brands followed it.

In the opening the projection is OK and it remains fresh for quite some time. But the projection and sillage are not the strongest forte. This perfume would get you compliments in the opening hour but its projection bubble is not massive.

Then it turns into a more mature and rounded-off spicy, woody and cool perfume that sits close to your skin for around 4 -5 hours max. But for others to notice it, they need to be very near to you.

I am of the opinion that the original Bleu De Chanel’s usage of incense with cedar, patchouli, musk, and sandalwood is very complex and deep, in the dry-down phase.

The high price point creates more expectations in terms of longevity and projection. But it is not there. The magic of blending and depth of perfume counters it though.

In terms of projection, the original Bleu De Chanel is a winner.

However, continue reading to know more complex answers.

Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum – My Experience

Bleu De Chanel EDP or BDC Eau De Parfum picture is shown in the review of EDT vs EDP Vs Parfum variants

Projection and sillage are yet again not the strongest point here. But Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum is a pure love for me. A must-have perfume for everyone.

Often times Bleu De Chanel EDP is pitched against Sauvage EDP and for the right reasons. Both are classy with citrusy opening, spicy and woody dry down.

It took the same DNA as the original and perfected it beautifully. The opening remained citrusy and in a better way. The projection is not much due to more oil concentration and less alcohol.

But the opening 45 minutes would take your breath away. You would get loads of compliments from near ones as the projection bubble remains close to your body. This perfume would sit on your skin from there onwards.

It would also give you vibes of spices and woodiness but these are more rounded and more deep than the earlier sibling.

In the opening hour or so of the dry-down phase, this perfume is better than the original Bleu De Chanel. Jasmine and watermelon alongside spices and hints of woodiness bring the magic.

Then it is all about woody accords which are deeper due to amber notes. Which rounds off that peculiar soggy wood note.

In the dry down, I get a feeling of a woody forest just after the rainfall. The smell of shrubs and dead woods in the water.

For me in the battle of Bleu de Chanel EDT vs EDP and Parfum battle, the EDP variant is the winner based on fragrance smell and overall essence.

Read my complete review of Bleu De Channel EDP to have an in-depth appreciation of the fragrance.

Bleu De Chanel Parfum – My Experience

It reminds me more of the original EDT version of Bleu De Chanel that I got in 2011 for the first time. However, the more oil concentration puts you off immediately.

Many friends in my circle like the Parfum variant but if you ask me then it is not for me.

I wanted to have a more citrusy scent that I could wear in summer. But the citruses fade away quickly and it becomes more of a woody fragrance. And the DNA is more of a winter scent than the summer light, fresh and Blue fragrance.

And that is where Bleu De Chanel Parfum went wrong with the Parfum variant. It went away from the original theme of blue fragrance purely for summer.

If you wear it in winters then it is a good perfume for me.

Projection and Sillage, like all variants, is not massive, but decent.

Bleu De Chanel – So which is the winner

For me, the clear winner in the battle of Blue De Chanel EDT, EDP, and Parfum variant is obviously, Bleu De Chanel EDP. It is more refined and the best of both ends.

It is light and not very heavy and at the same time, it is more citrusy with refined spices and a deep woody ambiance.

Also for the given price of the Parfum variant, I have many other options to choose from.

And Bleu De Chanel EDT is good but for longevity and a little less refinement in present reformulation is just not for me anymore.

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