Dior Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir – Key Differences

Sauvage is one of the most sought-after designer perfumes in the men’s world. Everyone has or wants one. Sauvage EDT was originally released in 2015 and since then 3 flankers have been launched. A newbie always wants to have one in their collection but gets confused with Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum and Elixir variants.

Summary of Differences

Sauvage EDT (Eau de Toilette):

  • Lighter concentration of fragrance oils.
  • Fresh and invigorating scent with strong citrus and bergamot notes.
  • Ideal for daily wear in warm weather.
  • Moderate longevity (4-6 hours).

Dior Sauvage EDP (Eau de Parfum):

  • Higher fragrance oil concentration compared to EDT.
  • Richer and more intense scent with a balance of freshness and depth.
  • Suitable for day and evening wear year-round.
  • Longer longevity (6-8 hours).

Sauvage Parfum:

  • Even higher concentration of fragrance oils than EDP.
  • Intensely deep and long-lasting scent with a focus on spicy and woody notes.
  • Best for special occasions and colder seasons.
  • Extended longevity (8+ hours).

Dior Sauvage Elixir:

  • Ultra-concentrated, the most potent of the Sauvage range.
  • Extremely intense and long-lasting scent with a warm, oriental character.
  • Designed for those who desire an exceptionally long-lasting fragrance.
  • Exceptional longevity (12+ hours)

Bottle Difference – Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir

Sauvage EDT comes in a two-tone bottle of more blackish and little blue ting like the EDP and Parfum variant. Whereas the Elixir bottle is different altogether.

Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs parfum vs Elixir bottles are shown side by side for comparison and differences

Nothing would be written on the EDT variant whereas Eau De Parfum and Parfum are written on the other two. The first three variants of Sauvage are faked the most and be mindful in spotting a counterfeit Sauvage by going through this detailed article.

Dior Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir main differences


  • Sauvage EDT
    • Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot and Pepper
    • Middle Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Patchouli, Geranium and elemi
    • Base Notes: Ambroxan, Cedar and Labdanum
  • Sauvage EDP
    • Top Notes: Bergamot
    • Middle Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, Star Anise and Nutmeg
    • Base Notes: Ambroxan and Vanilla
  • Sauvage Parfum
    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and elemi
    • Middle Notes: Sandalwood
    • Base Notes: Olibanum, Tonka Bean and Vanilla
  • Sauvage Elixir
    • Top Notes: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, and Grapefruit
    • Middle Notes: Lavender
    • Base Notes: Licorice, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli and Haitian Vetiver
EDT EDPParfumElixir
SillageModerate to StrongStrongModerateStrong
LongevityModerateModerate to OKStrongEternal

Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir – Price Difference

One of the key differences among the variants is the concentration of oils used. To know more read the article on oil concentrations. However, for anyone who does not want to jump there, EDT uses the least concentration and Parfum and Elixir have the highest.

The oil concentration is directly proportional to the high price tag on each variant as the oil concentration goes up. The same is the case in Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum variant which is a direct competitor to Sauvage.

Just know that a more oil concentration also means that you have to spritz less perfume and hence as the cost and oil concentration goes up, the more the perfume bottle would last.

Sauvage EDT $112 (3.4 OZ-100ml)
Sauvage EDP$132 (3.4 OZ-100ml)
Sauvage Parfum$165 (3.4 OZ-100ml)
Sauvage Elixir$165 (2 OZ- 60ml)
$230 (3.4 OZ-100ml)

Sauvage EDT – How it Smells and My Experience

Sauvage EDT bottle is shown in the picture in the comparison article of Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum and Elixir

Sauvage EDT was made by Dior with a single aim. To get loads and loads of compliments. And compliments are directly proportional to the projection a perfume has to offer and the scent trail that it leaves.

My take is that amongst the Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum and Elixir variants, the EDT is ordinary but maybe would get you the most compliments.

Strangely I like this perfume on others but not on me. It feels very synthetic to my nose. But even then everyone is in awe of my perfume. And I love it when people compliment me for perfume. So, on harsh summer days, I use it a lot.

Sauvage EDT lasts around 4-5 hours at max in summer so I carry a decant in my travel cologne atomizer that keeps me covered for the day.

In the opening phase, you would smell lots of citruses and spices which are a bit harsh too. At times this harsh spiciness puts me off as well. The ambroxan which is salty smelling holds everything together.

The second phase is all about spices, which is rounded off by lots of lavender also projects and is a room filler type. Whereas in the last phase, spices go away and ambroxin and woodiness stay.

If you plan to buy then invest in a 200ml bottle which is cheap compared to separate buying of 2 x 100 ml bottles.

You can use it for every occasion from offices to the gym. It is more for young and mid-age people. People upwards of 50-55 might not like it a lot.

Sauvage EDP – How it Smells and my Experience

Sauvage EDP (Eau De Parfum bottle is shown in picture

The EDP version of Sauvage is built on the same DNA as EDT but is different in its creation and mastery.

It is not as harsh as the Sauvage EDT and its opening is bergamot heavy which feels nice and peppers follow shortly. Together they last for 20-30 minutes and project much.

The second phase is all about spiciness which is not very warm and does not make it a winter perfume. The spices are well-balanced and not harsh and these are rounded off with patchouli and lavender.

In the comparison of Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum and Elixir, EDP is my second favorite.

Once I went into the fragrance collection, Sauvage EDP was among my initial buy. You can read my story about Sauvage EDP to know why I am addicted to it in the summer only.

If you compare Sauvage EDP vs EDT, then even more aged people can apply it. It is suited for all occasions.

People do use it in winter but I don’t as I don’t like to put on citrusy accords in cool temperatures.

It lasts around 8-9 hours indoors which is good. Projection and sillage are very good and you would get compliments.

Often compared with Blue De Chanel EDP which is less projecting than Sauvage EDP but is a more mature creation. I like both for different things. You can go through my take on BDC EDP to know what is my experience.

And lastly, Sauvage EDP, like the EDT version is not a unique perfume and there are many perfume houses having the same DNA fragrances, but still, this perfume is on my list of Best Dior Colognes for Men.

But then Sauvage is Sauvage and you have to experience the EDP to know why it is a compliment-getter and crowd pleaser.

Sauvage Parfum – How it Smells like and my Experience

Sauvage Parfum bottle is shown in th epicture

The opening of Sauvage Parfum is sweet and orangey heavy. It can be compared to the original Sauvage EDT in the third phase where the ambroxin becomes a little prominent.

I do not like the price point the Sauvage Parfum has to offer and in my opinion there are many a good alternatives that you can try.

After the opening, you would smell the woodiness of sandalwood and spices which takes this perfume to woody accords.

It is more of a fall and winter-type perfume which is ok. As it is not very mature a fragrance for winter either. I would say that on any winter day, I would prefer Dior Homme Intense over Sauvage EDP without a second thought.

Projection and sillage are very moderate although longevity is strong. It is suited for mature males but people upwards of 50 might find it a little harsh.

I only used a single bottle and have never bought another since then. That sums up my experience but other people do praise it. You should have an EDP version for a little less price and get more compliments.

Sauvage Elixir – How it smells and my Experience

Sauvage Elixir bottle is shown in the comparison article of EDT vs EDP vs Parfum and Elixir

Although this article is about Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir, but Elixir is nothing like its earlier family.

A completely different DNA that might put you off initially. A very pricy affair so to be confident, must try it before or get a decant.

It is more towards niche category of perfumes which most people don’t like initially for a few times.

Its opening is dense and spicy with little sourness. Mid-phase becomes sweet where lavender can be differentiated distinctly. And this Lavender tone is also dark as it is pure lavender without muskiness.

The licorice is also dense in this phase, however, it balances the lavender in its sweetness.

Sauvage Elixir should not be your first Sauvage as it is difficult to understand the complexity. And definitely, this perfume is not for youngsters also.

You would enjoy this fragrance in fall and winter and a little of it is more. So do not over-spray.

I find this perfume very expensive and that is the put-off for me. In terms of ingredients quality and complexity, Elixir is my favourite perfume in Sauvage line up of EDT vs EDP vs Parfum.

Sauvage Elixir lasts for 13-14 hours with moderate projection and sillage.

Read my in-depth review of Sauvage Elixir to know about the projection, longevity, and notes profile.

Winner – Sauvage EDT vs EDP vs Parfum vs Elixir

For me, Elixir is a clear winner but that is pricey. If I take into consideration the price also then i would recommend Sauvage EDP to a newbie.

EDT version of Sauvage is very harsh spicy and citrusy but gets you more compliments and the Parfum variant is not for me. In Sauvage EDP vs EDT vs Parfum vs Elixir, the Elixir is a clear winner but for a mature nose. Any starter would like the EDP version the most.

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