How to Differentiate Between an Original vs the Fake Dior Sauvage perfume

Sauvage by Dior was launched in 2015 and is one of the most iconic perfumes for men. It was an instant hit, partially, because Johnny Depp endorsed it in the advertisement. The main question remains! How to differentiate between original vs fake Dior Sauvage.

Summary of Differences – Original vs Fake Dior Sauvage

  1. Packaging:
    • Original: High-quality packaging with precise printing, embossed details, and a genuine holographic sticker.
    • Fake: Often comes in subpar packaging with blurry or poorly printed labels and missing holographic elements.
  2. Scent:
    • Original: A well-balanced, long-lasting scent with a strong projection and distinct top, middle, and base notes.
    • Fake: The scent may be weaker, shorter-lived, or have an off-putting chemical smell.
  3. Price:
    • Original: Priced according to its brand reputation and quality, often on the higher side.
    • Fake: Unusually low prices or “discounted” offers are a red flag for a fake product.
  4. Bottle:
    • Original: A high-quality, well-designed bottle with clear, crisp engraving and a magnetic cap.
    • Fake: Often features smudged or poorly engraved text and a cap that doesn’t magnetically seal properly.
  5. Ingredients:
    • Original: Contains high-quality, safe ingredients approved by regulatory authorities.
    • Fake: May contain harmful or subpar ingredients that can be irritating or even dangerous to your skin.
  6. Retailer:
    • Original: Purchase from authorized Dior retailers, department stores, or the official Dior website.
    • Fake: Be cautious of street vendors, online marketplaces, or unofficial websites offering steep discounts.
  7. Batch Code:
    • Original: Has a unique batch code for tracking production and authenticity.
    • Fake: May have no batch code or use the same code for multiple bottles.
  8. Reviews for Online Buying:
    • Original: Genuine products have positive reviews from customers and experts.
    • Fake: Many counterfeit items have negative or no reviews due to their inferior quality

These differences would remain the same for Sauvage EDT, EDP and Parfum variants.

1. Fake vs Original Dior Sauvage cellophane Wrap

If the counterfeit Dior Sauvage is cheaply made, then this is the first thing that you can notice. A fake Sauvage will have cloudy cellophane or plastic wrapped around it. Moreover, it will be loosely packed. The cellophane will also have loose binding and the spots will be visible due to uncontrolled packing at the local warehouse.

Now the question arises as to why it happens. Why the plastic wrap is loose and cloudy and can’t it be made as close to the original.

And the answer is understanding the procedure through which Fake Dior Sauvage perfumes arrive in the shop. Fake bottles are made in some countries where the laws are not strong. These bottles are smuggled in different channels and the outer packet is either made locally or is made separately and shipped to the intended country.

Then both are married together and a local worker wraps them in cellophane. They try to be as close to the original as possible, however, you can not compare the procedure to the original manufacturer where strict quality protocols are adhered to.

And that is the first sign of original vs fake Dior Sauvage perfume.

2. The Original vs fake Dior Sauvage Packing Box

Picture is showing original and fake Dior Sauvage Box

The original Dior Sauvage will have a dark mat black box whereas the fake one will have a sort of light black box with more shine in it.

It will reflect more light. Also, the patterns are more visible on the real Sauvage vs the fake one. Dior Sauvage outer boxes have changed a little since they came out. You will need a close-eye inspection to gauge the difference.

These differences will be difficult to know if you are buying from individual sources on eBay or other similar sites. If it is the old batch then the grey will more shiny and darker on the fake one and the original one will have a smooth dark grey that won’t reflect much light.

If you are buying the newer grey outlined batch then the original will have darker grey which is seamlessly matched with the inner black and has more texture to it.

The fake one will tell you loudly that it is a counterfeit, will reflect more light, and will not be seamlessly matched with the black inner color.

And now the question is as to why the box is so different from the fake vs the original one.

As explained earlier, the packing is manufactured locally or by a different vendor making the bottle. So quality control does not work the same.

The differences here are more pronounced and this is not the case with regard to original vs fake Sauvage Elixir, where you need a close eye to spot the counterfeit Sauvage Elixir.

3. Outer fonts and markings on the Packing Box

This is one of the difficult things to identify in the original vs the fake Dior Sauvage. The markings would seem the same if you are holding a fake Dior Sauvage box in your hand.

The thing to know is that you can scan the barcode. And also see the batch number and then tally it on the CheckCosmetic website. In most cases, the batch number would also be copied. Hence, this is not the best criterion to check the legality of any perfume.

Also, the printing on the box of fake Dior Sauvage will be more pronounced than on the real Dior Sauvage box.

This check remains the same on all the original vs fake perfumes. We have already covered it in the below articles of Bleu De Chanel original vs fake. Lately, we talked about the original vs fake Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and it was the same.

4. Real Vs the Fake Dior Sauvage Bottle differences

Certain times it happens that local stores would have a bottle without the box and they would say that it is a tester bottle.

Now it can happen and there are few authentic shops that will have the original bottle without the box. The downside is that the outer box code and inner bottle code should match. In isolation it is difficult. The bottle should also have a batch code but as said earlier, it is easy for the counterfeit bottle to have the original barcode copied.

It can also happen, that the bottle is real but is refilled with poorly made local clone concentration. My recommendation would be to not buy a Dior Sauvage open bottle without the box.

Now it comes to fine details of spotting an original vs the fake Dior Sauvage.

a. The Cap of Real vs the fake Dior Sauvage

The quality of the original cap speaks for itself. The holding of the cap magnet is more in the original, once compared to the fake. On rotating the original bottle cap, it should open.

Although you can open it by pulling outwards also. But the real one upon rotation also opens and the magnetic field is broken. In the fake bottle, the magnetic field will not be broken and it will not open up upon rotation.

Also if the counterfeit is cheaply made then the cap will not be able to hold the bottle weight of 100 ml, if the juice is filled.

The markings on top of the original bottle are cleaner and smaller than the original one. Inside of bottle cap, the logo is more shiny and reflective than the original Dior Sauvage bottle.

Almost the same differences we spotted while doing a review of real vs fake Armaf Club De Nuit Man intense.

b. The Bottle of Dior Sauvage

If you compare both the bottles then the original bottle will be more black and the bottom would be bluer. Whereas, the fake Dior Sauvage bottle will be lighter in black and blue color.

Why is that, because the original bottle uses a more refined process which is a little hard to replicate and costs more. Also, the fake bottle would speak for itself once you hold it in your hands.

The markings on the bottom will be more etched in the fake bottle than in the real one. If you have the box available then compare the perfume code etched on the bottle with the outer box. Both should match if it is real.

Most, if not all, Fake Dior Sauvage bottles will not have a batch code etched at the bottom of the bottle.

c. Atomizer of Real vs Fake Dior Sauvage Perfume Bottle

Although difficult to spot in isolation, the atomizer of a fake Sauvage by Dior is bigger than the real Sauvage bottle. The real atomizer is smaller and has more spray projection.

It makes more mist and sprays more molecules but evenly. The fake Dior Sauvage atomizer also throws a decent amount of mist but it is a little thick.

5. Price is too sweet to believe

Well if the price is so low then know that there is something wrong. Even if it is a tester bottle then it must come with a tester symbol embossed on the package.

Always do your research before buying perfume online or even physically from a shop.

The lowest price on Dior Sauvage, which I have seen for the original, can be found here. So anything below this, presented as new and authenticated should be a red flag.

And if you are someone who does not have a deep pocket so why not gift a perfume under 25 USD to your partner.

If Dior Sauvage is from the open-source or the internet then there is all the likelihood of being a fake Sauvage. If you are buying from a shop then must do your research regarding google ratings and users’ reviews before you get scammed.

A real Dior Sauvage costs around 108 USD for a 60 ml bottle and around 200 ml bottle costs around 165 USD. A legit tester bottle of Dior Sauvage will cost around 100-120 USD for a 100 ml bottle.

Parting Thoughts

I have had my mistakes in past, where for the sake of saving few bucks i have bought cheap perfumes. So must do your research as to how to buy a perfume.

Moreover, if you are confused between the key differences between Sauvage EDT, EDP, Parfum and Elixir variants then reading this article would clear all your doubts.

Happy perfuming!

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