Original vs Fake Bleu De Chanel Perfume – Puzzle solved

Bleu De Chanel perfume, whether it is EDT, EDP, or Parfum variants is amongst the most counterfeited perfume. This article would help you identify the key differences between original vs fake Bleu De Chanel perfume.

The perfume industry is subjected to the fake market because of the immense profit margins that people get from it.

First and foremost are the quality assurances that can not be achieved while making counterfeit/ fake Bleu De Chanel bottles. Which we will discuss in detail later in the article.

Let’s see the visual differences between Bleu De Chanel EDT, EDP, and Parfum bottles.

Bottle differences and markings on Bleu De Chanel EDP vs EDT vs Parfum

If you see the bottle, nothing is written on the EDT version besides Bleu De Chanel. For EDP there is Eau De Parfum written on the front bottom of the bottle in white color, whereas, for the Parfum variant, the color used is sort of Golden Yellow.

Real vs Fake Bleu De Chanel – The Differences

For purpose of this review, we have taken the EDP version as a standard. For all the variants the differences would remain the same. And can be checked based on the pictures provided.

An original bottle of Bleu De Chanel is shown having a matching batch code on box and bottle.
Batch Code is matching on box and Bottle of original BDC
An original bottle of Bleu De Chanel will have a shorter atomizer vs the fake bottle which will have a taller atomizer
Original bottle to the right side with shorter Atomizer
In the original Bleu De Chanel cap, the logo of Chanel would be a visual inside of the cap with good quality.
Inside Cap Chanel logo visual towards right side original cap
The quality of Chanel Logo on top of Bleu De Chanel cap would be of higher quality vs the fake.
Original Cap from top position is on right with Chanel Logo
Front markings on the original Bleu De Chanel are of better quality and can be identified easily upon close inspection.
Original BDC EDP bottle towards right
a box of bleu de Chanel is shown in the image.
The Real Box Bottom side is shown with the Batch code
Original BDC towards the right side
Real BDC box from the top on the right side

Additional checks

You might encounter a situation where the original bottle with refilled juice is sold in different Facebook groups and online. Here the check would be a sweeter price and no box would be offered. It is a red flag and do not go for it. And the juice would have a near similar opening but the dry down will be different. Moreover, the longevity of perfume would not be there.

Always do your research and know how to buy perfume physically as well as online.

If you intend to read an in-depth review of notes alongside longevity and projection, then must read the complete review of Bleu De Chanel.

Moreover, there are some key differences in EDT, EDP, and Parfum variants which are explained here.

As far as additional checks for original vs fake Bleu De Chanel are concerned, then do consider the box cellophane wrap. If it is fake, then the cellophane would be cloudy. To know more about examining that, read the original vs. fake Sauvage perfume article.

Read more on original vs fake Bvlgari Man in Black here. And if you have made up your mind to buy Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for your loved one then see the differences between original vs fake here.

Parting Thought on Original vs Fake Bleu De Chanel Perfume

My advice would be to always buy from an authentic online retailer or a physical shop with a good reputation. We always tend to save money without realizing that perfume can never be sold at a lesser than the original price.

If it is a tester piece, even then it will have the quality of the original and it will come with a tester box.

I have been through this phase where I have purchased fake juices from certain online Facebook groups. So do not repeat the mistake.

Image Credits: All images are captured as screenshots from FakeCip, and are attributed to his official Youtube channel.

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