Why Perfumes are The Best Gifts – The Hidden Message

A gift shows affection, love, or how much I care for you. It is to tell, that you are someone special. When we think of gifts, we buy them from others’ perspectives. It is not something that I like but what would make him or her happy. But what if I say, “A perfume, as a gift, is not just for him only, but it is for you as well“?

To Gift Perfume is to make Memories

I remember the smells. The smell of fresh rain. Wet Sands smell on a sunny day during a seaside trip with my parents. The smell of burning wood during BBQ. Every smell takes me somewhere. And to the people who were with me.

I was not into perfumes before my marriage. For my wedding, I bought 212 Men NYC. And that was my first memory with my wife. And whensoever I smell that perfume, on me or someone else, or even at random in public, it takes me to the nostalgic life after the wedding.

A perfume as a gift for someone might seem like a small thing, but that smell would always be attached to you in his or her mind. And whensoever he/she will smell, you would come to mind. You would be remembered.

Perfume as a Gift boost Confidence

Many a time we do not give due consideration to our perfumes. We would groom ourselves and wear the best clothes. But we would not feel confident and think that something is missing or I am not looking good. We would ask our partner how am I looking.

A nice smell is a missing element that we do not recognize. A perfume is there to fill that gap between ok and looking awesome. It adds to our personality and we feel in power. And we know, for sure that I can have an effect on people with the power of my perfume.

Perfume works wonders on Introverts

Oh, if I talk about the introvert, it seems like I am talking about myself. I am always short of confidence and feel like I can not talk to anyone. As a matter of fact, I am even shy about going to events, where I know that many people would be there.

But when I got into perfumes, this shyness just went away. I am confident now as I know that I would have an effect on everyone. People do compliment me for my choice of perfumes.

Now imagine how a good perfume set gift would add to the personality of your dear one.

Perfume helps in Socializing

While writing about Nishane Hacivat Review, I did mention that perfume is a wonderful ice-breaker. Either someone will compliment you on your can compliment someone on their perfume. And the beauty is that no one is offended.

Moreover, since wearing good perfume add confidence to your personality, it is very easy to socialize. Rather let me assure you that you would want to socialize once you are into perfumes.

So if your man or woman is afraid of socializing then gift a perfume and see the changes in their personality.

Perfume Gift for Teens

Perfume as a gift works wonders for School or college-going children. My sons are not yet teens and they love to spray my perfumes on them. And they say that their teachers and friends compliment them in the morning.

They feel good and now I have to lock my perfume cabinet so they do not mess around with my high-end perfumes. But I have kept my light perfumes for them to use.

And one day, my son asked that he intends to gift one of my perfumes to his friend since he compliments him every time. And that perfume was Sauvage. Although a little mature fragrance for my school-going kid, but if sprayed lightly it works well for kids too.

I gave him perfume in one of my travel atomizers for gifting to his friend.

Just imagine how perfume makes friends. And how it is complemented and how children feel once they know that they are smelling wonderful.

So yeah, why not gift your children a nice perfume and make their school or college memories attached to their smells? And once they will grow and come in contact with similar smells they would remember their old days of school and will remember you.

How to Choose Perfumes for Others

This aspect of choosing a perfume for others might seem tricky. But actuality it is not if you consider a few things:-

  • Do they have some signature perfume that they use?
  • Which accord they love. Woody, oriental, floral, aquatic, or citrus.
  • Buy a perfume as per season and time of year.
  • If confused then buy a gift set of different perfumes.
  • Read reviews and see what experts say about a particular perfume.
  • Whensoever in doubt go with the famous options.

There are many options for buying online. If you are new to perfumes then there are all the more chances of getting scammed. Read my in-depth article on How to buy Perfumes so that you are not like me who did some mistakes early on.

Also if you are confused then the best option is to buy him or her a perfume gift set. It has 4-5 signatures and the most famous designer perfumes that are safe for buying.

A perfect way of saying – You are my everything

Perfume as a gift makes memories and people associate a smell with a person. The picture shows silhouette of a man and women in a moment.

Associating a smell with a moment is the most perfect and everlasting thing that you can do. Smells are etched into our memories.

We can forget places, names, and people but our minds can never forget a smell. And the best thing is that somehow if a smell is associated with some person, that person becomes immortal.

So do not go for the mortal things as a gift. And instead, gift your dear one a good perfume and plan an occasion to gift it and insist on spraying it onto his or her wrist. Now that’s a memory that you have just created.

It’s a moment that has power. The power to last. The power to bind, and an energy that is there to stay.

Often time people are hunting for the perfumes that their parents used or just in for collecting vintage perfumes to associate with the people who used them.

Welcome to the wonderful world of perfumes.

My Recommendation

Well if you have come this far and are still a bit confused as to what to gift him or her, then here are my suggestions.

If you want to gift him perfume then try considering Dior Homme Intense. A very powerful perfume that is good for mature men. It is a unisex perfume that can work both ways. And also Dior Oud Ispahan, although pricey is again a very good choice being a unisex perfume.

If it is summer time then read my review of Dior Sauvage EDP or maybe try considering Bleu De Chanel EDP. Both are very good and safe options for him.

For women, it is always good to gift them a perfume that is unisex. As per my experience, women love perfumes that have a manly accord in them as well. My wife loves oud ispahan and Dior Homme Intense more than any of her perfumes. Take my word for that.

If still confused about her then try these options on Amazon.

Or use the link below to find the best perfume gift for everyone at a 25% discount from FragranceNet.

Parting Thoughts

Not many people appreciate the power, a good perfume has to offer. And mainly because there is not much insight into this art through good and reputed blogs.

I am here making an endeavor that perfumes need to be treated as essential wear. And proper research before buying it would surely help you.

By giving perfume as a gift you would introduce your dear one to this wonderful accessory that is a must-have for everyone.

Happy Perfuming!

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