Bleu De Chanel EDP Review – Is it still the Best in the Fresh Perfume category?

The story behind the Bleu De Chanel EDP goes back to the hype that the EDT version created when it came out in 2011. As a result, Chanel soon came up with the EDP version in 2014. Once my love for perfumes began, I just wanted to have this popular designer fragrance in my hands. Despite lacking any particular reason, I just bought it. Honestly speaking, I had never even smelled it on someone. That’s the craze that this fragrance has. Here’s my Bleu De Chanel EDP review.

The popularity of Bleu De Chanel EDP is the number one reason that makes people buy it blindly. But is it that good? How good are the projection and sillage? Is it a compliment getter? And does it justify the price tag?

These are the questions that people often ask. I do not deny the fact that Bleu De Chanel EDP is a good fragrance. Lasting is OK if you compare it to the EDT version. I love it, but it does not check all the boxes for me.

My review of Bleu De Chanel EDP will address all the aspects of this wonderful perfume that started the industry’s craze for fresh Blue perfumes. Moreover, I will also address the holy grail question of how it competes against the Sauvage EDP.

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Bleu De Chanel EDP picture

Bleu De Chanel EDP Review in 5 words

Citrusy, Woody, freedom with not so monstrous Sillage and projection


Summary of Bleu De Chanel EDP Review

  7. GENDER & AGE – MALE, 18+
  13. NO OF SPRAYS – 5-6
  14. UNIQUENESS – 6.5/10
  15. COMPLIMENTS – 4/10
  16. LIKEABILITY – 8/10
  17. VALUE TO MONEY – 7/10

The Inspiration and Theme of Bleu De Chanel EDP

To know the theme you need to go back to the history of the creation of the original Bleu De Chanel theme. It is all about freedom and leaving the past behind. To be YOU with no strings of past attached.

I am not the person, i am expected to be Anymore

Bleu De Chanel theme

Bleu De Chanel EDT and EDP are created by master perfumer Jacques Polge. A master perfume artist who has created more than 70 perfumes. Some of Chanel’s best fragrances are a work of his hands. Allure and Chanel No 5 are some of the best-selling perfumes credited to him.

The theme of freedom has been taken to a notch up with the EDP version of Bleu De Chanel.

Bleu De Chanel Notes Review

Top Notes – A very captivating opening

While digging deep for the purpose of review of Bleu De Chanel EDP, I studied the opening of the perfume in detail. I have to admit that this is one of the strongest statements that a perfume can make in the opening phase.

opening notes of Bleu De Chanel during review are ginger, pink pepper, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and ginger.

The opening is lemon and Bergamot heavy with the coolness of coriander and mint.

Although there is some pink pepper there as well you can not differentiate it in isolation. Ginger also plays its part here and adds a mysterious coolness here.

Although Bergamot is in the opening as well it goes somewhere in the background of lemon and mint tone.

Overall this phase lasts anywhere between 20-30 minutes, where Heart Notes start kicking in.

To me, the opening of Bleu De Chanel is the best phase of this legendary designer perfume.

Bleu De Chanel EDP Heart Notes Review – Spicy Floral Collage

This is the phase where Ginger coupled with Nutmeg takes over. Although there are some citrusy tones there, that go into the background.

This is the phase where Bleu De Chanel shows its signature scent and this phase makes it different than the competitors.

It is a bold dry down where the Coolness of Ginger and hotness of Nutmeg are toned with jasmine and Melon. To my nose, I smell more Melon and can not differentiate the jasmine tone in isolation.

This phase, although will not project much, but will last for another 3-4 hours.

Base Notes – Aromatic and Woody Tones

Base notes of Bleu De Chanel EDP found during the review are shown in the picture

Here comes the mastery of blending the woody tones that shine upfront and floral and spicy notes play their part in the background.

And this phase is all about Cedar and Sandalwood. I smell the essence of woody forest just after the rainfall. The essence of old woods in the humidity is distinct to me.

There is some patchouli that counters the amber wood and is hard to differentiate for me.

What I know is that too many woody and flowery tones are rounded off by Amber which gives depth and darkness to this phase.

Overall this is a good dry down but I will not rate it the best dry down for a fresh designer scent category. Partially because of less projection.

Let me explain this with my experience and expectation from Bleu De Chanel EDP.

Bleu De Chanel EDP Review – My Experience and Suggestions

As I told you earlier that I bought this perfume because it was and is so legendary and famous. I bought it without just testing it first. So naturally, my expectations were very high. I wanted to have a monstrous projection and sillage.

And of course, I wanted to have loads of compliments that are directly proportional to the projection.

Bleu De Chanel Review

What I did not know was the theme and inspiration of the perfume. Bleu De Chanel EDP revolves around the theme of Freedom and is intended to give the best experience to you and people who are very close to you.

In terms of perfume quality, blending, playing with notes, and likability, the Bleu De Chanel EDP is better than the legendary Sauvage EDP by Dior.

And as far as projection, Sillage, and compliment factor, Sauvage EDP is way ahead then Bleu De Chanel, in my humble opinion and experience with both the Perfumes.

I always have both perfumes in my collection, so naturally, I love them both for one reason or another.

If you are confused with EDT, EDP, and Parfum variants of Bleu De Chanel then read my comparison guide to know more.

Let’s dig deep into my experience with Bleu De Chanel EDP.

Before we go further, a word of advice. This is one of the most counterfeited perfumes in the world. So, must know all the differences between an Original vs Fake Bleu De Chanel perfume.

Opening of Bleu De Chanel – The best in class

No other perfume can beat the opening of Bleu De Chanel EDP.

It straight away takes your breath away. You just fall in love with the first sniff.

And during the review of Bleu De Chanel EDP, I asked many perfume stores about what perfume people buy just after testing, and their answer was simple. It is Bleu De Chanel EDP.

But then the question of projection and sillage comes into play, which is a downhill ride.

Projection and Sillage of Bleu De Chanel EDP

This is the setback factor of the perfume. Bleu De Chanel EDP was supposed to be better than the EDT version at projection and Sillage. But unfortunately, that’s not the case here. EDP though is better at longevity than EDT, but not better than any other in the fresh perfume category.

It is something to do with the DNA of the perfume, that, it does not project.

It is a better perfume blending wise and it has a very nice smell. But I wear perfume for compliments and likability. I want people to feel my scent. And that is what makes me confident.

But the scent bubble that Bleu De Chanel creates is maximum at an arm’s length and that too in the opening 45 minutes or so. Then it settles down close to your body and skin. Anyone who comes to hug you will feel it and will be blown away by the quality and mystery smell.

Longevity of Bleu De Chanel EDP

Although it does not project much but does that affects the longevity also? and the answer is “No”.

Its longevity is not monstrous but still, it is decent. In summers it would last around 6-7 hours inside in a controlled environment. If most of your daytime is outdoors during summers then do not expect more than 3-4 hours.

In winter it would last for a couple of more hours.

In terms of longevity, do not expect a miracle like Oud Ispahan by Dior but still, it is decent.

Well for me it is not an outdoor perfume because of its DNA which is not so tolerant of the outdoor situation. The part of the world that I live in, receives much more heat, and also in the rainy season, the humidity goes much high. This is just not the season for any perfume to last and project, but Bleu De Chanel in particular underperformed then the others.

Compliment Factor – Do not expect the Miracles

Yeah, I know it is one of the most selling designer fragrances, but since it does not project much, people might not notice you till the time they come very close to you.

But the people who are close to you will not only notice you but also fall in love with the perfume. For instance, my wife likes this perfume more than Sauvage EDP. But normal people, like my office mates, compliment me more on Sauvage EDP than Bleu De Chanel EDP.

So here is the equation for you as per my review of Bleu De Chanel EDP.

With respect to Blending and the Artistry of perfume, Bleu De Chanel EDP is better than Sauvage EDP. However, with respect to the Compliment factor and Projection, Sauvage EDP outshines Bleu De Chanel EDP

Imran satti

Age and Gender

This perfume is for all ages and is specifically designed for males.

It is amongst the rare perfumes which have no boundaries as far as age is concerned. Everyone would love it and would easily carry it on himself. Although my 7 years old son likes it a lot once he comes to hug me. I think 18 years onwards should wear it since it falls into decent perfume categories.

Dress Combinations and Occasions

As far as occasions are concerned there are no boundaries either, but I would suggest that Bleu De Chanel should be worn in offices and official gatherings and functions. It is not a date scent for me or a clubbing scent either.

Though I have seen people wearing it in gyms, my recommendation as far as the dress code is concerned is to wear it on formal and Casuals/ Semi-Casuals. I love wearing it in dark color attire since that compliments the perfume’s depth and maturity.

Uniqueness and Value for Money

It is not so unique in its opening due to citrusy tones but as it dries down it becomes unique.

The blending of mint, citrus and pink pepper with a hint of the coolness of ginger is magical.

As the perfume dries down it would take you towards cool melon and ginger notes with a woody base tone. It is all unique, wonderful, and a mystic freedom ride that you will surely like.

As far as value for money is concerned, my vote is to go for it. It will cost you around $120-130 which to me is a fair and sweet price point for the EDP version of Bleu De Chanel.

Bleu De Chanel EDP is a must-have in your collection.

FAQs about Bleu De Chanel EDP

Which is better – Bleu De Chanel EDP, EDT or Parfum

For me, Bleu De Chanel EDP is much better than EDT due to better opening notes and longevity. As far as Bleu De Chanel Parfum is concerned, it is altogether a different perfume that should not be competed against EDP. Read my complete comparison of Bleu De Chanel EDT, EDP and Parfum to know more

How many hours does Bleu De Chanel EDP last?

Bleu De Chanel EDP will last for 6-7 hours inside in summers and 3-4 hours outside. But for winters it will last a little longer than that.

Which is the best season to wear Bleu De Chanel?

Bleu De Chanel falls into the fresh perfume category. Although it is designed for all seasons since it has citrusy, spicy, and woody tones. But it performs best in the spring and fall seasons. For mild summers it is also good, but for harsh summers it underperforms.

Can women wear Bleu De Chanel perfume?

Although, designed for men, but women can carry it easily since its projection is not much and there is a tinge of sweetness in it as well. The woody tones might not be liked by females but they remain very close to the skin during the dry-down phase.

How to differentiate between a real and fake Bleu De Chanel EDP?

1. The original Bleu De Chanel packaging will have a matching batch code that could be seen on the back of the bottle also.
2. Original Bleu De Chanel will have a magnetic cap that opens upon rotation as the magnetic field is broken, whereas, the fake bottle cap will not be open upon rotation.
3. The original Bleu De Chanel logo on the bottle cap will always align with the front text of the bottle once closed, whereas, a fake one or a refilled bottle, will not align.
4. A fake Bleu De Chanel in most cases will be missing the batch code on the bottle.
5. If the price is too low or sweet, then must know that you are either buying a fake one or a refilled bottle with low quality juice inside.
6. While buying Bleu De Chanel, must verify the authenticity of shop or seller.The picture during the review of Bleu De Chanel EDP shows the batch code

Which is better Sauvage EDP or Bleu De Chanel EDP?

Both perfumes fall in the fresh category where the opening is dominated by citrusy notes. Their dry-down phase is different. As far as projection and sillage are concerned, Sauvage gets an edge that is complimented by others. And as far as quality, blending, and depth of perfume are concerned, Bleu De Chanel leads the competition. Both are must-have perfumes for any men’s wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

While doing the review of Bleu De Chanel EDP, I came across many a phase. Bleu De Chanel EDP has always been a part of my collection because of the quality and depth this perfume has to offer. Though I am not so happy with the projection and sillage, the mastery and skill level shown in the blending of this perfume are awesome.

Although it settles very close to skin and clothes, but whensoever you smell it on your clothes or skin, its aroma soothes your senses.

It is a must-have for any man who falls for a fresh perfume.

Although Bleu De Chanel EDP is mostly compared to Sauvage EDP since both DNAs and target audience is the same, they both take different paths in the dry-down phase. Both the perfumes open up with citrusy tones, but Sauvage takes a spicy highway, whereas Bleu De Chanel goes into woody tones.

They are both good and a must-have for any fragrance lover.

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  1. I love the way you define the notes of a peefume. Bleu de chanel is better then sauvage edp but projection is nlt good.

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