Beachy Perfumes in 2023 to Reveal the Ariel in you!

Beaches and waterparks are a highlight of the summer season. The splashing of waves on shore, surfers surfing, tall coconut trees, and the earthy scent of sand-these are some images that run across my eyes when I think of beaches. But, what if I tell you that it is possible to carry all this in a tiny perfume bottle-Sounds fun, right? If you are someone who is looking for beachy perfumes, then this post is for you.

After extensive research and testing, I have crafted my list of the best beachy perfumes for her in 2023.

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When to wear beachy perfumes in 2023?

Beachy perfumes are one of the most worn scents during summer. They are very popular amongst those who wish to smell like they just came back from a tropical vacation.

As they are fresh and airy, I prefer beachy perfumes during the daytime. Honestly, aquatic and marine accords are often my top picks when going out for a casual hang-out or a formal meeting during the day.

However, I won’t prefer beachy and aquatic perfumes to women on very formal occasions like weddings.

List of Best Beachy Perfumes in 2023

1) Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc- Best Overall Beachy Perfume

Eau De Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford has hundreds of fans all across the globe. So, I am not the only one who thinks this fragrance deserves a spot in everyone’s vanity.

After smelling a few spritzes, I could detect an overall sultry and addictive scent. Many beautiful floral notes intermingle with solar radiance; voila, you get the best beachy scent of all time!

But who should wear it and when? Eau De Soleil Blanc is a unisex fragrance. Therefore, it is excellent for both adult men and women. It should ideally be worn on bright summer mornings to cast a refreshing effect. As it’s light and airy, so it will keep you sane on any sunny day. However, I suggest you opt for some other scent at night.

It is the best beachy fragrance in the entire list.

What do I like about Tom Ford’s Eau De Soleil Blanc?

This perfume has not been regarded as the best for absolutely no reason. It is a well-rounded fragrance that serves well for layering with other perfumes.

Another thing which I like about it is its longevity. Soleil Blanc is light, airy, and crisp- perfect for a refreshing day.

What I don’t like about it?

Despite the many pros, some people may prefer something other than Eau De Soleil Blanc due to personal preferences. Considering the high price, it could have better longevity and silage.

Invitation to this people preferring strong fragrances find a find it to be very light. However, almost every beachy perfume is generally weak.

Key Notes: citrus, white floral, coconut, vanilla, tuberose, amber.

Price at time of publishing: $155 for 50 ml

2) Virgin Island Water by Creed-Best Luxury Beachy Perfume

Virgin Island by Creed, in simpler words, is the Caribbean and Jamaican beachy vibe trapped inside a bottle. When I spray a few strokes of this beachy scent on my palms, I can manifest myself on a sailing adventure with uplifting winds striking my frame. Isn’t that AMAZING?

The perfume opens with dominant notes of lime, coconut, bergamot, and mandarin and then dries down to sugarcane, white rum, and musk. Just thinking of this fantastic combination refreshes one completely.

OK, so I have to be honest about the scent’s longevity. Considering its price, Creed Virgin Island should have much better projection and longevity. I understand that most unisex beachy perfumes are light and weak in these two domains.

However, your heart aches if you don’t get it even after paying hundreds of dollars. Mostly, on a good day, Creed Virgin Island will last on your skin for 5 hours max. After that, there is no scene. :/

Despite this one flaw of the perfume, its unique scent blend and signature Creed DNA make it the best luxury scent for beaches. Both men and women can wear it. It will especially suit you on hot sunny days as well. All thanks to its light and airy feel.

If you intend to try some of the best creed fragrances for women then read this article.

What do I like about Creed Virgin Island?

One of the best things about Virgin Island is the happy and dreamy picture it creates. Secondly, the perfume is relatively light, so you would love it if you don’t like strong scents.

Additionally, it’s hard to ignore the Creed signature DNA. Therefore, add it to your perfume collection right away.

What I don’t like about it?

It has a high price, but longevity and projection are only satisfactory.

Key Notes: Coconut, White Bergamot, Lime, Sicilian Mandarin, and Jasmine.

Price at time of publishing for 50ml: $345

3) Malibu Party in the Bay EDP- Best Beachy Perfume for Office (Men)

Malibu-Party in the Bay EDP intense is another perfume that makes its way to my list of best beachy scents in 2023. Upon smelling it, I could detect green and citrusy top notes. However, the perfume’s heart contains sugar and coconut, where the beachy vibe comes into play!

Overall, this scent is playful yet refined. That’s what I believe,

Plus, let me tell you, that’s not even the best part! This perfume competes directly with expensive beachy scents like Virgin Island. Therefore, if you don’t have the budget for a luxury scent, Malibu Party in the Bay will be the best replacement for Virgin Island. 

Also, guess what’s the cherry on the top! Malibu Party in the Bay also has good longevity and projection. It typically lasts for 7-9 hours on my skin.

Lastly, I suggest who should wear it and when. As Party in the Bay is a unisex scent, adult men and women can wear it. I recommend it for official lunches and more outdoor settings.

We have listed some best fragrances for men to wear during summer. Do check this.

What do I like about Malibu Party in the Bay Intense?

The scent has a harmonious balance between different notes. Secondly, it has a decent projection and longevity. However, the best part is that it imitates the Virgin Islands at a cheaper cost. 

What I don’t like about Malibu Party in the Bay EDP?

I prefer something other than Malibu Party in the Bay for indoor settings. However, it is just a personal take. You may have a different opinion.

Key Notes: Lime, green, sugar, coconut, musk

Price of 50 ml at the time of publishing: $250

4) SKYLAR Salt Air Eau De Parfum- Best Budget in Beachy Perfumes

On a tight budget but still, wish to purchase a beachy perfume? No worries because SKYLAR Salt Air EDP is there to meet your perfuming needs.

Salt Air EDP is a super refreshing scent. It opens with a punch of green marine notes, sea salt, and coconut. The heart of this fragrance is also breathtaking as it contains mineral notes. You will also detect a hint of fruitiness in this scent.

Overall, this scent smells like coming out of a bath on a beach vacation. Sometimes, it also reminds me of Suntan oil. 

Moreover, SKYLAR Salt Air EDP is also unisex, like all other perfumes. It would be excellent wear for daytime office hours or a casual hang out with friends. 

Now, let’s talk about another essential thing-longevity. Longevity and projection are acceptable, according to myself. I don’t expect beachy perfumes to be too good in this aspect. These beachy and aquatic perfumes are light-weighted, so their longevity and projection should not be compared with fruity/floral aromas.

Rounding it up, Salt Air EDP is one of my favorite SKYLAR perfumes. Therefore, don’t think twice before buying this salty blue scent.

Key Notes: Coconut, green accords, and sea salt

Price of 50ml at publish: $90

What do I like about it?

Salt Air EDP is relatively inexpensive and does justice to the price. Moreover, it has a decent projection and longevity.

What I don’t like about it?

The scent dries down to a salty note after some hours. Therefore, people who dislike this note won’t be pleased with it.

5) Vacation Arquiste – Affordable and Elegant Beachy Perfume

Vacation by Arquiste came out in 2021 and has increased in overall popularity. This fragrance perfectly reminisces beachy waves, water, and sun.

Dominant notes of coconut, petitgrain, and coconut water add a playful touch to the scent. The heart of this fragrance consists of banana, pineapple, musk, and solar notes. I must say that Vacation by Arquiste is true to its name! It reminds you of the best coastal getaway you have ever had!

I suggest you wear this daytime unisex scent on a tropical vacation or a casual birthday lunch.

As far as longevity and projection are concerned, they are pretty moderate. Although most people say it lasts for 6 hours max, it lasted for around 8 hours on my skin. All thanks to my pro perfume application! Read my article on tips to make a perfume last longer to get an idea.

Overall, Vacation is a nostalgic and transportive fragrance that accurately captures a beachy vision. I am a fan of its sweet banana note.

What do I like about Vacation by Arquiste?

Vacation by Arquiste is affordable and elegant. Moreover, it has decent longevity and silage that justifies the price. Also, I love the banana note.

What I don’t like about it?

I don’t have anything to hate in this scent. However, it is not meant for those who don’t prefer coconut scents. Also, it could do a better job at its longevity.

Key Notes: Coconut, banana, petitgrain, and musk

Price of at publish: $60

6) Beach Bobbi Brown for Women- Best Beachy Perfume for Women

There are many great beachy scent picks for women. These include Beach Bobbi Brown, Eau De Soleil (reviewed earlier), and Dolce Gabbana’s The Only One. I have reviewed each of these scents one by one.

So, Beach Bobbi Brown is a classic floral aquatic scent that came out in 2009. Although many other perfumes took the beachy title, Beach Bobbi Brown still impressed buyers.

Top notes jasmine, Mandarin orange, seawater, and sand. Longevity and silage are moderate as well. Moreover, it will be excellent daytime wear during summer by the seaside.

Beach Bobbi Brown is a fresh, aldehydic, and aquatic scent.

What do I like about Beach Bobbi Brown?

I like the touch of jasmine in this scent. Moreover, it creates a nostalgic vibe.

What I don’t like about it?

Smells a little synthetic and sunscreen.

Key Notes: Coconut, jasmine, seawater, and sand

Price of 50ml at Publish: $78

7) Sunny Side Up Juliette Has A Gun for Women- Great for Office

Sunny Side Up is a musky, woody, floral fragrance with coconut hints. It has a cute bottle and smells great on women during the daytime. In addition to offices, I will recommend it be worn to the office.

Sunny Side Up has decent longevity and silage. A few puffs shall last on you for 5-6 hours.

What do I like about Sunny Side Up?

Sunny Side Up has a decent price. I won’t say it’s cheap, but it’s not too expensive either. Plus, it has good quality and is manageable.

What I don’t like about it?

Silage and longevity could be better for this price point.

Key Notes: Coconut, Musk, Jasmine, Vanilla, Amyris, Sandalwood, and Orris root.

Price of 50ml at Publish: $100

8) Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme For Men

Aqva Pour Homme is a masculine aquatic fragrance ideal for a tropical getaway. Top notes include Amber Wood, Posidonia, Santolina, Mandarin, and Petit Grain. Therefore, you will love it if you enjoy refreshing and light-weighted scents.

This scent has a strong marine accord, so it is an ideal summertime wear to smell like the ocean! The perfume has moderate silage and longevity, so it will last on you for a good period.

What do I like about it?

It is highly refreshing and masculine.

What I don’t like about it?

Doesn’t suit everyone’s taste.

Key Notes: Citrus, Petitgrain, seaweed, woodsy notes, and patchouli

Price of 100ml at Publish: $72

9) NETTE Coco Fleur EDP -Best Unisex Beachy Perfumes

Coco Fleur is a fresh solar scent with dominant notes of Coconut Milk, Orange flower, and bergamot. If you like creamy touch to perfumes, I am sure you will love to have Coco Fleur EDP in your collection.

Moreover, the bottle design is worth every penny spent. It has a cool chic glass bottle with a 3D-trapezium cap. I swear that it looks super aesthetic on dressing shelves.

Plus, you don’t have to worry much about longevity and projection. So, wear it on a daytime beachy getaway or a casual hangout with friends.

What do I like about Coco Fleur EDP?

Coco Fleur is a vegan and plant-positive scent. Moreover, it is a great option to layer a couple of perfumes. Lastly, I am impressed with the well-balanced note combination.

What I don’t like about it?

There is little to dislike. However, it might be costly for some people.

Key Notes: Coconut Milk, Bergamot, and Orange Flower

Price of 50ml at Publish: $120

10) BYREDO Sundazed EDP

Regarding beachy perfumes, Sundazed EDP by Byredo is an excellent unisex perfume. I enjoy the note combination, in particular. So, here’s how it goes: The aroma has top notes of Mandarin Orange and Lemon. The heart of the fragrance consists of jasmine and neroli. Eventually, the fragrance dries down to white musk and cotton candy. 

As you might have noticed, Sundazed EDP does not carry the coconut note found in beachy perfumes. However, it is strongly reminiscent of a bright and refreshing sunny morning. Therefore, I could not resist putting it on my list of best beachy perfumes in 2023.

Sundazed EDP also has good projection and longevity. 

What do I like about Sundazed EDP?

Sundazed EDP has a realistic candy accord, which makes it perfect for those who love gourmand scents. Plus, it is long-lasting and refreshing.

What I don’t like about Sundazed EDP?

Older men may need to find it more suitable. Although it is a great unisex perfume, men looking for a masculine scent might prefer something else.

Key Notes: Californian Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Neroli, Jasmine Sambac, White Musk, and Cotton Candy

Price of 100ml at Publish: $270

11) Nest New York Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil – Best Beachy Perfume Oil

I have even picked out an excellent perfume oil if you wish to ditch the usual perfumes and go for something more robust. After reviewing its reviews, I explored it from a few Tiktok and YouTube videos and decided it would also be great for my readers.

Nest New York Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil came out in 2023 and is doing well in sales. It has top notes of coconut, tiare flower, sea salt, and musk. 

Like all other perfume oils, my NEST Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil has a LOVELY fragrance. Also, as it is a ‘perfume oil,’ the longevity is more potent than any alcoholic perfume. However, silage is moderate. It is an excellent characteristic because you can smell great all day long without being too overpowering!

What do I like about Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil?

It is very long-lasting and has a fair price. Plus, the subtle and lovely scent combination is simply breathtaking! Moreover, it has a reasonable price value.

What I don’t like about it?

There’s absolutely nothing to dislike in the perfume oil, to be honest. It’s just that if you don’t like the coconut note, don’t buy it.

Key Notes: Coconut, Tiare Flower, sea salt, and musk.

Price of 1 oz at Publish: $118.78

12) Ellis Brooklyn Salt

Ellis Brooklyn Salt EDP for men and women is an amber floral perfume that came out in 2020. Since its release, it has been quite popular as a beachy perfume. Therefore, I decided to give it a chance and check some of its reviews online.

So, here’s how Ellis Brooklyn Salt EDP smell: Top notes of Violet leaves, and Ylang Ylang adds a refreshing floral touch to the perfume. The heart of this perfume contains Magnolia and Tiare flowers. So, if you are looking for something different from the typical coconut-dominated beachy scents, Ellis Brooklyn Salt will be a perfect alternative. Finally, the perfume dries down to sandalwood and musky notes.

If I had to describe the overall vibe of this perfume in two words, it would be ‘salty’ and ‘aquatic.’ Also, like most other perfumes with similar accords, Ellis Brooklyn Salt has moderate silage and longevity. 

What do I like about this perfume?

The perfume is perfect for those who prefer something other than coconut in their scents. Moreover, it smells very light weighted and refreshing.

What I don’t like about it?

Ellis Brooklyn Salt might not smell as feminine as some ladies might want. For me, however, it was a perfect fantastic scent.

Key Notes: Violet, Ylang-Ylang, Tiare flower, Magnolia, Musk

Price of 7.5ml at Publish: $25

13) Maison Margiela Sailing Day

This list was complete with Maison Margiela Sailing Day. Sailing Day EDP has that beachy sensation right in its name. When I first smelled it on a friend, I was blown away.

This perfume has a crisp, uplifting, green, and luminous vibe. The fragrance welcomes you with top notes of sea, coriander, red pepper, and aldehydes. The heart of the perfume is the central jewel of this scent. It brings that floral touch through the presence of rose and juniper. The base notes are woody and grassy, with seaweed adding to the beachy vibe.

Silage and longevity are moderate, and the scent is unisex. So, wear it yourself and gift it to your significant other!

What do I like about Maison Margiela Sailing Day?

Sailing Day EDP is a fresh and clean perfume. Moreover, I am super impressed with the longevity and silage. Sailing Day plays a strong game regarding longevity and silage for an aquatic fragrance.

What I don’t like about it?

Sailing Day EDP is expensive.

Key Notes: Sea Notes, Red Pepper, Coriander, Juniper, Iris, Rose

Price of 100ml at Publish: $160

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