Creed Aventus for Men – The scent of Victory

I first came across Creed Aventus when my friend gifted me a bottle on my birthday. Well, I wouldn’t say I wasn’t aware of it before. Thanks to the hype, actually, I was dying to try out this bottle of beauty and try it on myself.

As I’m kind of generous when it comes to spraying, I tested 4-5 sprays when i used it for first time on my blazer. Even after two days I could smell it every time I opened the closet.

If you are also the one longing to know what the hype is about and what makes Aventus by Creed a true masterpiece, go through the review. I have tried to cover everything, including the notes, longevity, performance, and pros and cons of this scent.

Summary of Aventus By Creed Review:

Aventus by Creed is among some of the fragrances that got too much hype just after their release. Although there are mixed reviews and some people regard the fragrance as an overrated one, to me, the hype is well-deserved. There is something in the scent that keeps you and the ones around you hooked.

Creed Aventus bottle is shown in the picture

We will talk about all the factors in detail, but first, have a quick look at the summary and find out what a bottle of Aventus by Creed has for you.

  • A fruity chypre fragrance launched in 2010.
  • The scent celebrates strength, masculinity, and optimism throughout its notes from the beginning till the end.
  • It’s an expensive high-end fragrance.
  • There may be batch differences. Earlier batches are more smoky and musky, while the later ones are more fruity.
  • It’s a crowd-pleaser; I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it.
  • Amazingly long-lasting; a couple of sprays in the morning and get noticed till midnight.
  • A famous nose-blinder perfume

Aventus By Creed Notes:

Aventus by Creed opens up with the fruity notes of Pineapple, Bergamot, Black Currant, and Apple. The sweetness and tanginess are so well balanced. The juicy pineapple combines beautifully with tangy black currants and bergamot.

aventus by creed bottle is shown alongside pictorial representation of notes

The fruity opening trail then combines with the floral notes of Moroccan Jasmine and Rose in the heart. Just after the smell settles, I can clearly feel the leathery and smoky depth owing to Birch in the heart notes combined with the earthy aroma of Patchouli.

Dry-down phase depicts woody and earthy base notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla, adding to the depth and richness of the scent.

Bottle And Box Presentation:

The box of Aventus is a rectangular black one with the logo engraved on a silver plate. The box is not extravagant or fancy, which to me is good.

Now proceeding toward the bottle, it’s a standard rounded rectangular shaped bottle, with branding on the front. The upper one-third is transparent glass, and the rest of the bottom is black with a silver plate on which a silver emblem of horse and rider is engraved.

It’s a beautiful bottle that looks amazing on my dressing table, and I can happily keep it on my dresser even after the bottle is empty.

How Does Aventus By Creed Smell Like?

Aventus for men smells like a citrusy pineapple blast which changes its accord to a woody and then leathery undertone. The base is all about the rainy forest of Oakmoss

The Opening Of Aventus By Creed – A Fruity Blast:

The very second I sprayed this perfume on my wrist, the first thought that came into my mind was of fresh and juicy pineapple just sliced and the juice dripping from the edges.

To compliment the sweet fruitiness of pineapple, the tangy Bergamot and Black Currants blend perfectly. The citrusy notes in both of them balance the sweetness perfectly. Moreover, I also feel a hint of fresh and crisp green apples just bought from the farms.

The opening notes are all about fresh fruits that make this fragrance a perfect wear for summer and spring. The gush of freshness I came across just after spraying this scent is what defines a perfect summer fragrance.

To me, Aventus is different from Nishane Hacivat. Though the only similarity I could find is the pineapple note in the opening. And I have written earlier as well that I prefer Hacivat opening more. Also, the longevity of Hacivat is amazing.

Heart Notes Of Aventus By Creed – A Leathery Smoke:

The fruity trail is taken over by the heart notes just after the fragrance settles down. I can clearly notice the Moroccan Jasmine and Rose blending beautifully with the fruits in the opening.

Moreover, Birch and Patchouli add much-needed drama to the fragrance. Thanks to Birch, I feel a rich, smoky, and leathery scent that adds depth and masculinity to the perfume.

Patchouli gives off the intense scent of a dark and musky profile that reminds me of the stunning aroma of wet soil.

The combination of fresh florals and rich Patchouli and Birch is just perfect. It’s the note that adds masculinity to the fragrance and defines it as a signature scent for many.

It is this phase that I love the most and hence, Aventus by Creed is among one of my favourite summer perfumes.

Base Notes Of Aventus By Creed – An Earthy And Woody Touch

In the dry-down phase, the base notes become dominant.

Combined with the top notes of pineapple, I can clearly smell the earthy and woody notes of Oakmoss and Musk. The dry-down depicts richness and depth and gives the fragrance a captivating vibe.

The fact that I loved the most is that the top notes of the pineapple are still intact. I can feel the juicy fresh hint of pineapple with the earthy tones. Moreover, a sweet and subtle hint of vanilla can also be felt in the base notes. It is one of the reasons for adding depth and layers to the fragrance.

Projection And Longevity:

As I have told earlier, I found the longevity amazing. One or two sprays easily last on my skin for about 12-14 hours. Moreover, when I spray on my clothes, I can smell the perfume even after a day or two.

Although the new batches of Aventus do have longevity issues. And hence in perfume communities, people are not buying the new batches whereas the 2017 batch of Aventus is the most sought after.

When I talk about performance and projection, I find it quite impressive. The projection stays for 4-5 hours, and the sillage also keeps it lingering in the air for several hours.

Since Aventus by Creed is a compliment-getter, and I get sweet compliments the whole day, I can safely say that it has some amazing performance skills.

But to a newbie, there would be nose blindness, meaning that you won’t be able to smell your perfume. Creed Aventus has this effect. But be rest assured that others would be complimenting you. It is the DNA of this perfume that creates nose blindness.

Dress And Occasions:

Although it’s a versatile scent and can be worn day and night both, I prefer wearing it to night outs and evening parties. I like to wear Aventus when I’m dressed up in a suit for formal dinners and want something that will turn the heads around.

I prefer Aventus Creed for formal occasions in summer, whereas for winters I use Dior Homme Intense.

Pros And Cons – Aventus By Creed:


  • A very captivating and catchy smell.
  • A versatile one can be worn in all seasons and on all occasions.
  • Excellent longevity, projection, and overall performance.


  • Expensive fragrance.
  • Cheaper alternatives are in the market. However, they can’t compete with the masterpiece.
  • Variations are present in different batches.

Final Thoughts On Aventus By Creed:

Although Aventus by Creed is an expensive high-end fragrance. It may seem overpriced at first. But, in my opinion, once you get what the hype is for, you will be ready to spend every penny to get your hands on it.

When I came across this scent, I made sure to buy one as soon as the old one finished.

If you want to buy this perfume, try the tester first. I am pretty sure that you will like the tester and buy one. This perfume is a crowd-pleaser. Audiences of every age group and gender praise the scent!

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